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A serial rapist in Soho seems almost impossible to catch, and the lack of progress by the NYPD inspires the local community to start taking matters into their own hands - in costume. A costumed vigilante foils an attempted rape by a copycat rapist, but the suspect is later released and then attacked by the masked crusaders. When two of the vigilantes, Leslie and Stuart, are attacked on a rooftop (Leslie is also raped), the detectives suspect the rapist must be involved in the community outreach program. Eventually, the detectives discover that Stuart has been raping women so that he could play the part of a superhero to impress Leslie.

Meanwhile, Amaro follows his wife and sees her having lunch with Captain Jason Harris, who was stationed with her in Baghdad. Believing she is having an affair, Amaro punches Jason as a warning. However, Maria claims that she hasn't been cheating, and she's seeing a therapist.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 19 Quotes

You can't sketch what you don't see.


Now that right there is why I stopped marrying Italian women.