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Rollins ends up visiting her old precinct in Atlanta when a professional basketball player, Shakir Wilkins, is accused of rape. 

Piece by piece a pattern starts to emerge as more and more victims reveal that they've been with the basketball star. Hints about the use of drugs to facilitate rape, ongoing bribes to keep the emerging cases under wraps, and other conspiracies begin to emerge. Wilkins heavily denies the accusations, but is eventually arrested as he tries to prevent certain testimonies. 

His partnership with the Orion Bay clothing line is terminated as the case gains more momentum, and begin to change about the previously highly regarded athlete. 

However, as Orion Bauer and his daughter, Cordelia try to play their own cards in order to sustain their company, accounts of false testimonies, entangled lies, and true intentions finally come out. 

In the end, there's more to this episode than what meets the eye - and the unpredictable story tackles various current incidents that have been in the headlines. 

Law & Order: SVU
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