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When Detective Amaro separates a feud on the dark streets of his patrol, he comes face to face with notorious celebrity starlet, Tensley Evans. She tries to squirm and seduce her way out of trouble, but Amaro sticks to the book and earns a spot back in SVU when he proves himself unflappable. That, combined with his anger management training and diligence, reinstates him to the squad. 

Evans, however, accuses Amaro of trying to proposition her. She claims that he would've let her go if only she had consented to sex - blatantly putting on a show for the court.  

Her accusation is clearly proven to be false, but she goes on to accuse another individual of sexually assaulting her. This inadvertently leads to the revelation that Tensley herself was found engaging in sexual acts with a 15 year old boy at her rehab.

The boy himself is shown to have been more than willing to go through with the encounter, meaning there was no force used in this incident. But the case is still prosecuted as it's a blatant underage sexual contact, and Tensley is arrested even though her and her mother try to argue that the assault is being overblown - that, in fact, because Gergory is a fifteen year old boy, he will benefit socially in popularity and confidence through this encounter. 

Further questioning of Evans reveals a victimized past. She openly admits to having been with countless producers and influential Hollywood figures from the age of 13 onwards, all while using a slew of drugs and alcohol to numb the experiences. She seems to embrace the seemingly mutually beneficial relationships she's fostered, while downplaying the mental/emotional scarring. She treats it as an everyday part of life. 

Adam Brubeck, the initial instigator of the sexual assaults Tensley faced, is confronted by Amaro and Rollins. He presents yet another disparaging version of Tensley Evans, but his innocence remains to be judged. The death of another young actress ten years ago at one of his pool parties leads to a  whole slew of discoveries, and the memory of her co-stars death, and the abuse she faced herself, leads Tensley to self-harm. 

Statue of limitations prevent any real pursuit of Brubeck, until tapes handed over by his close associate Dennis George led to a victim in Canada. Brubeck's own supposed intelligence becomes his undoing when his reasons for visiting Canada are stripped away until all that remains is his desire to engage in underage sex, thus proving to be a case of sexual tourism.

Law & Order: SVU
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