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Barba comes over to comfort Benson. She reveals that Johnny D fathered a child with Ellie Porter, and that it the child is in fact Noah. Barba says that Noah never has to find out, and Benson is a bit relieved. She says that she's begun filing for adoption. 

Walter Briggs, the novelist, and his new hottest pretty wife, attend a dinner party. His daughters try to get in touch with him but his wife, Charmaine, is apparently trying to keep them apart. 

They storm SVU and try to file a rape charge with Benson. They explain how the housekeeper has informed them of an ongoing effort to take advantage of their father's dementia. Charmaine has evidently been pumping him with erections pills and then forcing him to have sex so that she can get pregnant and get more of the estate when he passes away. 

Carisi talks to the housekeeper. She says that Charmaine gives him the pills without his knowledge. 

Benson tells Rollins and Carisi to speak with Briggs and his wife. 

Briggs is flirty and seems to consent to the constant sex. He says that it's a man's duty. But half way through a speech, he freezes. His dementia is clearly at work. 

Benson, Carisi, Rollins and Barba try to figure out a play. They get informed that Briggs has had a heart attack. They wonder if it was caused by Charmaine.

Charmaine has barred his kids from visiting him, and brought a private ambulance to take him from the hospital.

Amaro confirms with one of the daughters that Charmaine explicitly knew about the heart condition. 

Charmaine practically kidnaps Briggs from the hospital. They don't know where they are, or if Briggs can survive outside of the hospital.

Rollins discovers that Charmaine was trying to go to Canada with Briggs.

His daughters, along with Amaro and Benson, convince the judge that Briggs needs medical attention, and a psychological evaluation.

Barba visit's his abuelita. 

Briggs passes away, and the gang realizes that Charmaine still has control over the body. 

Barba's mother, Lucia comes to speak to him more about his grandmother. 

The housekeeper is questioned in court. 

Barba continues to convince his mom to put this grandmother in a nursing home. 

The doctor is questioned. 

While one of the daughters is being questioned, a video from Walter Briggs postmortem. It was recorded three years ago. 

The video makes it seem as if a more clear headed Briggs was actually against his daughters.

Delilah is revealed to have been holding a grudge against her father for when he threw her mother threw a window. Briggs says that once she wrote a horrible adaptation of one of his works, and came to see him for the rights, he decided it was too much to keep in touch with her. 

According to Briggs, he chose to break it off with his daughter.

He says that Charmaine wanted him to see his daughters, but that it was his choice.

When Charmaine gets on the stand, she says that it was Brigg's choice to be taken out of the hospital and die in a cabin by the lake. 

Judith finally offers to testify, because she realizes that it was all her sister's fault. 

This turns out to be all about Delilah's bad play and the rights to her dad's work. 

They realize that Charmaine was probably in the right all along. 

Barba finds out that his grandmother passed away in her home, before they could move her out to the nursing home. She died where she wanted to. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 16 Quotes

79 and stiff as a varnished eel.


Benson: Just tell me he doesn't have to know.
Barba: He doesn't.