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As Benson takes Noah to the doctors, a high school party unfolds. The party is orchestrated by a kid who appears to be sick -- maybe the measles. 

The party is wild. The good girls go bad. The principle finds out as pictures from the party spread around the school.

The group of kids had a "Rainbow Party." The principle says it was a group of nine 10th graders. The parents are furious that SVU is involved. 

Rollins, Benson and the group question the students involved. 

Leo and Gabriel say it was just kissing games. Gabriel is Colleen step son. Colleen met Benson that morning. 

Trudy, Gabriel's mom buts in. They share custody. 

Two of the parents visit Benson to apologize for the grief they received at the school that day. Colleen says Gabriel is in very big trouble at home. The parents ask to keep the kids young age in mind. 

Barba is brought up to speed and knows that the kids are 14-16 years of age, and no one is claiming corrosion. There's also the matter of removing the pictures from the net. 

All the kids phones are being confiscated. Gabriel doesn't show up to school that day due to his sickness. 

Benson finds out that Noah may have been infected with the measles. 

Chief says that Benson can work from home to take care of Noah as long as she needs.

Amaro finds out from his kid, Gill, that his ex-wife and his son might be moving to San Diego.

Walter Brigg's widow's attorney, Arlene Heller, is the mother of Larry. 

Benson finds out that the pictures have ended up on porn sites. 

Noah is turning blue from not being able to breathe. Noah shows the first signs of measles. He needs to stay in the hospital.

Larry put the pictures on the porn sites. Heller tries turning the case around on the measles case and off of her son ending up on the registry. She claims that the mothers of some of the other kids didn't get their children vaccinated and lied about it. She gets a better deal for Larry. 

Rollins says that due to Noah being infected, that Heller may be right. 

Nine kids from the same pediatric practice were signed off as vaccinated when they weren't. 

Trudy is fingered out as the mom in charge of the idea of faking their vaccinations. Trudy owns up to her actions and is proud. She says she will fight any case brought up against her. 

Trudy is left hanging in the dust by the doctor that she thought was on her side. 

Larry has gotten six pedophiles on the hook for SVU, so he's basically off the hook.

Trudy's lawyer does a good job of going against Barba's attack. He tries to make Benson look biased against Trudy when she's on the stand. 

Noah's antibiotics are being upped. Trudy gets on the stand and describes her nephew being negatively affected by vaccines. She is trying to stand for the right for parents to choose what's right for their own children. 

Barba attacks her directly and questions why she believes she has the right to potentially harm other children.

They are holding off on the spinal tap for Noah, he seems to be recovering. 

Trudy got 3 months in jail.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 19 Quotes

I'm never having kids.


Did I miss an episode of "Girls?" Remind me what a "Rainbow Party" is?