Law & Order SVU Season 16 Episode 19 Review: Granting Immunity

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Are there really individuals out there so adamant on denying modern science? Or perpetuating conspiracy theories?

I understand the need for parents to be able to choose how they raise their children, but when not complying with the law can lead to harm befalling other children as well, it crosses the metaphorical line in the sand. 

Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 19 made a great case of mothers who care for their children, on both ends of the spectrum, through Mariska Hargitay's expectedly compassionate Benson and guest star Missi Pyle's defiant Trudy. 

Opening with what appeared to be a made for TV version of Harmony Korine's Spring Breakersthe tone of the episode seemed to indicate something about "good girls" going "bad," and and a whole lot of juvenile stupidity.

However, drinking and smoking weed were to the least of the festivities, and the party montage quickly devolved into something much more inappropriate.

It's always interesting to see how parents react to their own child's wrongdoing as opposed to the way they would typically sneer at a neighbor should the roles be reversed. On some level, these were just "kids being kids," or "sexually active affluent teens with access to drugs and alcohol experimenting with each other," as it were, and many of the adults try to stress that fact.

Everything was consensual, even if it wasn't very moral of part of the 10th graders. Then again, I don't think I know too many virtuous high school sophomores off the top of my head.

What made it all spiral out of control was the element of social media. When would it ever be smart to flaunt images like that so openly? 

Sidenote: I'm with Amaro on never having heard of a "Rainbow Party" before. Certainly didn't exist in any high school I attended.

Did I miss an episode of "Girls?" Remind me what a "Rainbow Party" is?


All the set up for the child pornography plot line was essentially cast aside once Trudy was brought into focus, and was eventually conveniently wrapped up by the great deal Arlene Heller got her son, Larry.

It's always a pleasure to see Susie Essman go on her tirades, especially when she's coming at Barba with full force.

She called our bluff. And that measles misdirect? Offense is the best defense.


And, as always, the courtroom scenes are amongst the most riveting. It was great to see Barba's usual tenacity being countered by equally piercing rebuttals from Trudy's lawyer. His attack on Benson went right to the gut, and he managed to make seem Trudy seem a lot less delusional than she truly is.  

What Benson received from Trudy's lawyer's piercing cross examination, Trudy got back in full force from Barba. It was in intense match, one that sort of gave Trudy a leg to stand on as far as advocating for a parents right to choose goes, but she was still dealt a punishment that felt suited for the crime she committed – seeing as no one was fatally harmed from the measles outbreak. 
For someone like her, so stout in her ideas of big pharma weaving a web of deceit to trap and poison us all in, three months in prison is probably a positive talking point on her activist resume. 

Benson: You may want to think about shutting your mouth. My son wouldn't have pneumonia if it wasnt for you.
Barba: Liv! Liv! Is everything alright?
Benson: No! His fever's spiking! And if it doesn't come down, they might have to give him a spinal tap.

I would've completely understood if Benson hit her at that point.
I understand where Trudy is coming from in regards to not trusting everything shoveled into the mainstream by shadowy corporations playing Wizard of Oz behind the scenes. But there is endless research to refute her shaky claims; claims that become even weaker when her only defense boils down to "everything you say is only to discredit me, but you can't because I know I'm right!" 

You are openly flouting the law, this is reckless endangerment, and we will stop you.

She refuses to accept the evidence of vaccines success is just that – evidence.
She will always believe that the facts are being misconstrued or manipulated in some way. But with her way of approaching the situation, she was endangering the lives of many children, and forcing numerous mothers into the same state Benson was in when Noah was rushed into the ER. 

Watch Law & Order: SVU online to see both sides of this case for and against vaccines, and to find out what a "Rainbow Party" is.

Head over to Law & Order: SVU quotes for more highlights from tonight's episode, and feel free to leave any thoughts down below! 

Granting Immunity Review

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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 19 Quotes

I'm never having kids.


Did I miss an episode of "Girls?" Remind me what a "Rainbow Party" is?