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Nicolas Amaro, Nick Amaro's father, pays him an unexpected and unwanted visit at the department. Amaro says that he hasn't seen his dad since he was 15, and that he doesn't want to speak to him. Nicolas informs Amaro that he's in love and about to get married. 

They have an uncomfortable talk together where Amaro accuses Nicolas of over stepping his bounds. However, he gets roped into accepting the invitation.

At work, Benson tries to help Amaro restrain his temper, but he lashes out against her. He apologizes soon enough, and decides to go through with visiting his family. 

He sees his sister and his daughter when he visits his mother. He almost gets convinced to go to the party for the wedding, but he says he needs to go to work. 

The party has some tense undertones as some men flirt with Nicolas's wife. There is a time lapse and Zara, Amaro's daughter, is now calling her father on the phone from under a table. She tells him to come and help because there's a fight going on. 

Amaro arrives on the scene with the ambulances and has no idea what's going on. It appears that his father may have abused his wife - Gabriella -  at the party. 

Rather than take custody of his father, he lets the other officers take him away and tells him to do what they say.

Although the medic with Gabriella claims that he heard her say Nicolas hit her, she completely changes her story for Benson. 

She says that she fell and hit a wall. 

Gabriella's father says he saw Nicolas ice his knuckles and then assault him. He wants him in jail.

Nicolas ends up in jail on assualt charges. Amarao tries to convince him to take a plee.

Amaro say, "you hit her - we both know, Gabriella told me herself."

Nicolas taunts his son, says that he has his blood and flesh in him.

Amaro's sister thinks he's going to tear apart the family. She's on her father's side. 

Javier and Gabriella's father testify in court. 

Barba gets turned around during their first appearance in court - Nicolas's attorney does a better job at winning the jury.

Nicolas and his attorney fist bump. 

Barba tells Amaro he doesn't need to testify because it's a difficult process. 

Amaro and his father confront before the trial.

Amaro testifies that his father beat him and his mother growing up, and that he recognized Gabriella's lanugage. 

Nicolas's attorney confronts Amaro about his own issues with anger before making it seem as if he wasn't a credible source or witness. 

When Nicolas is finally put on the stand, things get even more intense. His attorney feeds him question to get the entire room on his side, but Barba doesn't miss a beat now. He pushes him hard for a definitive answer on whether or not he beat Gabriella.

Barba even asks Nicolas if he beat Nick and his mother. Nicolas dodges the question and gets offended and defensive. 

Although his character seemed to be brought into question, the Jury declares him innocent in 20 minutes.

Nicolas confronts Amaro at his work and tries to get him to let go of his anger. And when he doesn't he offers him his guidance if he needs it to deal with his owner. Nicolas tells his son that he needs to be able to fix the cycle of anger that he wasn't able to. He says he can't change the past so he's trying to move on and that Amaro should as well.



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Law & Order: SVU Season 16 Episode 12 Quotes

Nicolas Amaro! He's getting married! To a child bride!


Nick: Do you hear yourself?
Nicolas: Whatever happened between me and your mom, in your imagination, is over.