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Evie Barnes, a college undergrad, decides to pursue modeling in order to pay for college. It turns out to be a session for professional pornography, and being as it's her 18th birthday, she goes through with the ordeal for  Shy, and mousy, she's the last person you would expect in this type of business, but once her videos are out there it's not long before some classmates discover her secret. Two fellow students, Matt and Daniel, discover her on the website "18 With A Bang," and do not hesitate to assume dominance over her. 

At a party, both students force themselves upon a cornered Barnes. She claims that they did so due to her one and only experience with pornography, and both students claim that they roughed her up and tag-teamed her for the same reason - that it was what she wanted in the video and in real life. 

The boys appear to have created a video taping of the incident, and their lawyer, John Buchanan, believes that Evie was less than "innocent" on camera. 

It's revealed that "18 With A Bang" wasn't her first video, and that she's used an alias since then. Her pattern of participating in rough sex and gangbangs leads people such as Caresi to initially believe that the boys may be telling the truth. But Benson enforces the mentality that Evie never consented, and that her past actions don't dictate the crime committed against her. 

Caresi, along with the rest of the squad, trick Matt into believing that Daniel was using their mutal lawyer (paid for by Daniel's family), to cut him out of a deal. He confesses that he was aware of his actions, that he thought Evie was just "acting," until Daniel informed him that what just occured was rape and that he had it on film as blackmail in case charges were pressed. 

In the courtroom, Buchanan and Barba go back and forth questions Daniel, Matt, and Evie. Buchanan focuses on Evie's past experiences with pornography and claims that it is impossible to differentiate between the times Evie was paid for rough sex and these tape filmed with Matt and Daniel. 

Matt, however. confesses to believing that he raped Evie, under Daniel's initial guise of it being for a porn film. Daniel disputes that claim and states that he's a falsely accused victim. 

The jury finds Daniel guilty of rape in the first degree. But Buchanan's attempt to set aside the verdict succeeds as the Judge declares that due to lack of sufficient evidence Daniel will be cleared of all charges.  

Law & Order: SVU
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