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Bike messenger, Holden March, is disillusioned with his life. While recording himself to create a manifesto of sorts, Holden gripes about his woes: how women and men alike ignore him, how, particularly, the other sex doesn't realize all that he has to offer them. He writes his manifesto concerning his troubles with women and the brand new Deputy Chief expresses doubts about Benson's leadership abilities when the murders start to build up. 

At the same time, Benson deals with baby Noah's hospitalization as bravely as she can. She's worried for her son's health, but believes that he's a fighter and will pull through. Noah's birth mother being a drug addict, and the fact that he's been in many nursing homes, seems to play a role in his health. Trauma can develop over time from these incidents, so doctors wish to keep testing him and checking for any more signs of abuse. 

Holden develops a pattern as he continues his attempted rapes and murders. According to several different accounts, he always seems to count the number of times he stabs his victim, showcases severe inexperience when trying to rape these women, and somehow knows personal details about their past despite the fact that none of the victims recognize him. 

The video he continuously records serves as his personal diary, and Holden ruminates about how he believes he is a wonderfully nice guy, and wonders why women don't offer themselves to him. 

Holden's old employer remembers his stranger behavior and offer the police some information about his whereabouts. Rollins and Fin meet with Holden's parents, who inform them that Holden maybe on the spectrum of autism. 

When Benson and Amaro confront Holden for the first time, Holden begins by complaining about his neighbors incessant sex and then denies them the opportunity to question him. 

When two out of three victims give a positive ID of Holden, the SVU moves to apprehend him. However, he's already left with guns and ammo, leaving behind only a written manifesto and his last tape which has him murdering the couple next door. 

Holden's next target turns out to be an old high school English teacher he had a crush on - or so it seems. He instead murders his old teacher's husband, whom Holden saw as the reason that she didn't reciprocate his love back when he was a sophomore. The teacher's husband is a music teacher in the same school, and Holden proceeds to take the small class of four to five students hostage, threatening to kill one of the girls when Amaro and Rollins enter the room. 

Rollins tries to develop a rapport with Holden, tries to seduce him, but he eventually turns the gun on her. She expertly disengages her target, but because of the headstrong new deputy's orders, Holden is shot by a sniper right in front of her - spraying blood all over her face. 

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