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Benson is talking to her psychiatrist about last week's incident and what happened to the victims. It turns out that both Joe and Roxy were abused as children. Her doctor asks her what if she stops? She says she can't. She says it's not an endless cycle for her. She has hope. She's fine. She is having nightmares and flashbacks but so what? She just wants him to sign off on her return to work.

Two teenage girls are gossiping and one tells the other, Abby, a boy likes her. Abby gets a text inviting her to a dance during class.

Abby's parents embarrass her and her friend by taking photos while they are dressing up for the dance. Abby gets a flirty text from the boy, Chris.

At the party Chris gives Abby some alcohol and then they start making out. He suggests they go downstairs. She agrees.

Another boy drunkly catcalls as they go. Downstairs, they keep making out under red lights. She tells him to slow down. He apologizes and they  keep making out. She keeps saying not so hard, ntot so fast, etc.

Abby comes home and tells her parents the party was fine but her mom can tell something is not right.

Abby gets a text from Chris saying he had a good time and from her friend Daniella wanting to know what happened. She curls up with her blanket looking upset.

Rollins' co-workers argue about whether she will have to come back to work. She is annoyed. The conversation is interrupted by a lawyer coming to see Olivia and tell her about Abby's predicament. The maid saw Abby's dress was torn. Abby told the mom she was raped at the dance. Olivia agrees to meet with them.

Olivia tries to explain to the parents that the case is complicated. Parents say Abby was treated as the criminal by local cops.

Abby says she has known who Chris was for years but he didn't even notice her til a couple of weeks ago and then started texting her. Abby says she says hi to Chris at school, doesn't know what else to do.

Mom knew something was wrong with Abby when she went straight to bed, and then maid found the dress in the trash.

Abby says when they were making out Chris put his hand under her dress and it made her nervous. He didn't listen when she told him to slow down. He put his finger inside her. She said wait and he stopped but then he tried again. Abby trembles and doesn't answer when Olivia asks her if she said no to intercourse. She says she felt paralyzed and couldn't move or speak.

Fin questions Chris, whose parents are defensive. He admits to going to the darkroom but doesn't want to say what that means in front of his parents. Mother wants to know if the girl is accusing him of rape. He says they didn't have sex. Father demands a warrant. Parents want a lawyer, but Chris says nothing will happen. Chris' mother says girls lie about rape if a boy didn't call her back.

Chris' DNA is on the dress. Instagram photos show them making out. Fin and Sonny have their doubts there was a rape but Olivia says to bring Chris in.

Barba wants to see Benson. Rita says she is here for the victims. Chris has hired another lawyer.

Fin says there is DNA and the boy lied. His lawyer says this is awkward, but it's his first time. Chris' mother says Abby is obviously lying. Chris shows them a text from Abby saying that she hopes he is not mad at her. Chris' family and lawyer are all cocky. Rita insists this is not a dealbreaker. She was not assertive enough to tell him that it was rape. They're teenagers. She feels that Abby was lured and raped She thinks Barba should talk to other kids at the school.

Abby's friend says no one goes to the darkroom if they don't want sex. A couple of football players say they heard Abby was asking for it and just wants attention. One football player, Jack, seems evasive. Fin threatens to call Notre Dame. Jack says Chris was part of a secret society that competes to see how many virgins you can have sex with. He shows them a secret mural where they list all the names. Chris is the only one with just one girl.

Sonny wants the list excluded so that the girls won't be embarrassed. Mike thinks the girls consented. Olivia thinks Barba should try to plead out.

Abby's mom wants felony charges. She's offended by the suggestion of misdemeanor charges. Abby overhears the conversation and says everyone at school talks about her and hates her. She wishes she had never come forward. Rita says they will take sexual misconduct if Chris is put on a registry.

Chris' parents refuse this. Chris is about to go to Stanford and won't be allowed a smartphone if he is on the registry. Barba says if they don't take the deal they will go to trial and Chris' name will be associated with a rape arrest for the rest of his life. Lawyer says no deal. Parents say Chris' name is being slandered.

Chris is arraigned for attempted rape and forcible touching. He pleads not guilty. Barba wants $1 million bail, defense wants Chris released to parents. Bail is set at $500,000.

Mike apologizes to Olivia for doubting Abby was raped. Olivia says that Abby is not manipulative. She agrees with Mike that this was a misunderstanding that shouldn't go to trial but it's not her call.

Olivia testifies that it's not uncommon for a rape victim to text her rapist, especially a shy teenager who has trouble with self-assertion and is a bit naive. It is not unusual for a victim to not report the crime right away.

Defense suggests that Abby didn't report because she was naive and wonders why local police did nothing. Olivia says SVU was created for this reason. He tries to suggest that Olivia blames the victim, then lists things Abby could have done to cause the situation.

Sonny testifies next about the secret society and the wall, and that Chris was being taunted for not having sex with virgins. Chris bragged on social media about it. Defense asks if Chris could have lied to appease his peers.

Chris looks upset to hear that Abby will testify.

Rita wants Abby not to wear makeup. Chris' mother comes along and tries to intimidate Abby. She starts to yell at Olivia that women cops always take the girl's side. She's angry that Chris has been asked to withdraw from Stanford. Abby looks upset.

Abby takes the stand but doesn't seem responsive. She says they went to the darkroom and agreed to the make-out session. In the darkroom Chris got aggressive and she didn't agree to what was being done. He didn't stop when she asked him to. Benson is visibly relieved that Abby told the story. She gets emotional about feeling humiliated.

Defense attorney acts like Abby's friend. He asks if she had a crush on Chris, was she flattered when he texted her etc? Did she know the darkroom's reputation> He shows the photos on Instagram and says she shouldn't be ashamed. He asks if she was overwhelmed and unsure what she wanted? He argues she expected Chris to read her mind and suggests she didn't know she was raped til the cops told her.  He suggests she regretted it later and cried rape. Withdraws question on objection. Abby cries.

Father is mad they didn't protect Abby on the stand. Abby worries Chris will lie about her on the stand. Rita says Barba won't let that happen.

Chris testifies that he keeps asking if what he was doing was okay and Abby didn't say no. He ejaculated prematurely so he couldn't have done anything anyway. He thought the date went well. He couldn't tell Abby was upset. He admits he lied to the cops about not touching and told his friends he had sex when he didn't. He feels the club was disrespectful to girls but he wanted to fit in. He's sorry.

Barba says Chris lied twice, is that his story? He asks did Abby make up the story? He asks how can Chris know what she wanted?  Was Chris listening to what Abby said? Chris looks crestfallen.

Olivia thinks things need to change and the lines need to be made clearer as boys don't know what constitutes rape.

Jury is back. Chris is found not guilty of all charges except sexual misconduct (a misdemeanor). Abby tries to apologize to Chris. The parents start fighting with each other. Olivia makes them stop. Abby calls to Chris and her mom makes her leave.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 12 Quotes

Dad: How was the party honey?
Abby: Fine. I'm just tired.

Psychiatrist: So no nightmares, no flashbacks?
Benson: I have both of those, that's nothing new.