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A young woman is led into a back room by an older woman. She's all bubbly even when she's not allowed to call her boyfriend. A sleazy looking guy shows up and slaps her on the butt while she's getting changed, saying she's gonna make magic.

Meanwhile, Rollins isn't so sure she wants Sonny taking film photos of their babies on the carousel but Benson says she wants something framed. Switch to the model being photographed in her sexy clothes. The photographer starts pulling down her shirt and doesn't seem to appreciate the model not wanting him to. The lady from before assures her that everything's good if Alvin is into her. While the woman takes photographs something that sounds like sex happens and the girl starts crying while the photographer smiles and enjoys the photographs. Benson gets a call about the girl's case as she is getting off the carousel.

The girl, Sally says she was begging the photographer not to do this but his assistant took photos. Sally is surprised to hear that Benson thinks this might be rape. Her boyfriend doesn't know she was there and she's afraid to tell him.

The next morning Mike returns and is filled in on the case. Sally is a model from elsewhere. Apparently the photographer's brother is a big photographer that Fin and Munch investigated for rape 12 years ago but couldn't get anywhere. In this case, though, Sally was given alcohol and was definitely raped.

Sally comes with her boyfriend. He seems angry and says that he warned her. Fin takes him elsewhere while Benson and Rollins talk to Sally. Sally has a black eye but claims it wasn't from Matt. She doesn't talk to her family. Meanwhile Matt angrily tells Fin that he's the manager, he found Sally, he warned her, Alvin got in the way. He says Alvin will not get away with this.

Sally tells Benson that Nora kept saying she looked hot and took photos while she was begging her to help get Alvin off her. But Mike says that Matt has assault priors and Alvin will try to spin it as she was sleeping with him to advance her career and cried rape because of Matt.

Sally meets with Nora while the cops listen. Nora keeps threatening her, her career will be over, etc. The cops have enough for a warrant. Cops show up at the studio. Alvin and his brother are there. Alvin is arrested when he won't give up his camera and the cops won't give in to everyone's threats.

Alvin got a lawyer. Barba says there are stories about Alvin all over town. He is surprised PR hasn't got rid of this yet.

Alvin's brother says that Sally got desperate and has a violent boyfriend. Alvin tells Sonny that Matt insisted he take the photos and that Sally went without Matt so she was ready. Barba says that's a defense.

Nora claims Sally knew what she was doing and wanted to have sex with Alvin. She claims all the models that work with Alvin are used to drugs and alcohol.

Barba doesn't think they really have enough but he doesn't want to risk Alvin running to France. Nora is arrested too.

Barba asks for remand since there's a private jet and residences in five countries. Passport is taken away. $500,000 bail. Nora is represented by same lawyer. 

Barba says they need to get more ASAP. He wants a word with Nora. He wants Nora's testimony about the assault in exchange for testimony. She claims this was art, not rape. She insists Alvin is a genius that no model will betray. They start interviewing models who say they didn't want to have sex but didn't think they could say no, but are afraid they'll lose their careers if they testify.

Munch texts Fin that he has found the victim from 12 years ago, who is now sending models to Alvin. Munch joins Fin for the interview. The woman no longer thinks she was raped.

Sally is the only one willing to testify but she's nervous about Barba showing the photos. Matt shows up and initially accuses Sonny of having an affair with Sally, then won't leave.

Next morning Sally announces she's not testifying because the photos will be all over the Internet. Matt insists the photos will be all over the Internet. He won't let Sally testify..

No continuance. If grand jury doesn't indict, Alvin walks. Benson and Rollins think there was witness tampering. Alvin's brother denies it. But he claims Matt came with a gun and wanted $50,000. Alvin calims Matt rapes Sally and she's turned on by violence. Matt gets a call from Claire, Alvin's sister in law, booking Sally in a show.

Barba informs Nora that the photos are child porn under federal law. Benson convinces Nora that Alvin will not have her back. Nora gives them a ton of videos. Warrant for 10 counts of rape. Matt s going nuts because nobody will let him in to Alvin's shoot and yells that he is coming back from all of them while the cops go in and find that Alvin and his family have disappeared. Alvin's brother is found. Beno and Claire have not seen Alvin either.

The show starts. There's a scream. One of the models goes outside and finds Alvin dead on the ground. He was shot twice, within the past 30 minutes. There's a camera over the garage door. Place is on lockdown. Beno says Matt called him 9 times but he didn't let him in because Sally was closing the show. The cops want Sally to call Matt and find out where he is. Sally looks scared.

Matt says he was mad because Sally needed him. They tell him that Alvin's been murdered. He's shocked they think he did it. Matt claims that he was on his way home to get his gun. In any case, Alvin's wallet was in his office so it wasn't a robbery. 

Matt's gun is not operable. Sally begs the cops not to tell Matt she led them to him. Benson wants Sally to get an order of protection. Barba says to hold Matt on the gun charge.

Security footage doesn't show the shooter, just Alvin. Clearly the shooter knew where the camera was and stayed out of view. But it shows Alvin knew his shooter and wasn't afraid of them. Turns out Alvin's gun might have been the murder weapon. They now think Beno was the murderer.

Claire and Beno are called in. Beno says he's "everywhere" during the show. He claims Alvin was never a rapist and that Matt stole Alvin's gun. But there was no gunshot residue on his hands. Beno hugged Sally so maybe there is gunshot residue on her dress. Mike says he has a brother who is always in trouble and leans on him. He knows his life would be a lot easier without him.

Claire confesses to the murder. Beno says he did. 

Later, Mike admits to Benson that the story about his brother was true.

Munch is apparently babysitting when Benson comes home. He has been enjoying his retirement and is glad they both found out there's more to life than SVU. 

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Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 20 Quotes

Sally: I didn't want him to do that.
Woman: That's not what the camera saw.

Alvin doesn't like boyfriends or managers around. Keeps it more intimate.