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At the scene where Ramirez is being held hostage, Benson tries to get the SWAT team not to shoot but they refuse to listen. Inside the restaurant, two Muslim guys are accusing Ramirez of hurting the Sharmas and he's insisting he didn't. One of them is fatally shot. Ramirez is arrested along with another guy.

Ramirez's lawyer shows up while Benson is questioning him about what he was doing in the bar. He claims he was trying to get drunk and forget this whole thing ever happened. His lawyer puts a stop to the questioning.

Barba is desperate to get Ramirez to talk and decides he's going to threaten Soledad with deportation unless she cooperates. Carisi is disgusted. Benson reluctantly agrees with Barba even though she hates the idea of reporting undocumented immigrants.

Benson meets with Soledad who tells her and Rollins to stop threatening to take her kids away. Benson calls ICE and Soledad relents and says Hector came home at 2 AM with a bloody shoe. Benson cancels her call to ICE.

Hector's lawyer wants to talk to him privately but he goes ahead and talks. He gives the name of two accomplices. They are arrested. Mitch Jenkins' wife freaks out in front of their young son.

Jenkins spouts some white supremacist lines about how Mexicans are all rapists according to our President and Muslims are all terrorists who want to kill us all and calls Rollins names as well. His wife refuses to talk even when Rollins threatens her son the same way she did Soledad's because she says no one cares about white children.

Someone shoots Ramirez as soon as he is finished testifying on the grand jury and he dies. Soledad blames Benson. Barba again has no case. Suddenly, Mala shows up and says she saw the two men's faces. Barba decides to put her on the stand even though she may be lying.

Mala's testimony includes the claim she told Benson that she saw the men a long time ago. Benson is asked to testify for the defense and pressured by Barba to perjure herself so Mala will be believed. Dodds tells her he will back her either way. Benson decides to tell the truth.

Mrs. Jenkins sees Mala yell at Benson that she doesn't care about them because she didn't lie for them. She apparently realizes this means Benson is not automatically on the immigrants' side, as she is willing to admit to her that she knows Mitch did it but is scared of him. Benson gets her to testify in court before she ends up dead too.

When Mrs. Jenkins testifies, Mitch loses his temper and tries to threaten her on the stand. He is taken away.

Apparently Barba wins his case as he makes a statement to the press. Later, he wants to take Benson out for a drink but she declines. Dodds interrupts to say a Muslim mosque has been firebombed.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 18 Episode 21 Quotes

How many more innocent Muslims have to die before the NYPD does its job?


Seigler: What are you doing talking to my client?
Benson: He is a victim in a crime. He was talking to me about what he was doing in that bar, nothing more.
Seigler: He's done talking. No more questions.
Benson: That's your choice.
Fin: And it's a stupid one.
Seigler: I have a client to defend.
Fin: We have a witness who ID'd him out of a lineup -
Seigler: Who is now in a refugee camp in Turkey.
Benson: That doesn't make his ID invalid.
Seigler: I'm going to talk to my client. Or are you going to arrest him for having been held hostage?