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Stone is trying his first case for SVU, about a doctor who molested some young boys in his practice. Outside the courtroom, Benson and Rollins are not happy to see Cassidy.

Cassidy testifies, but the defense attorney accuses him of beating up the defendant because he was black. Cassidy loses his temper and screams the guy belongs in a body bag. The judge declares a mistrial.

Later, Cassidy gets drunk in a local bar. Benson comes to try to calm him down. He rants drunkenly about how she thinks she's God and can fix everything. Meanwhile, SVU goes to a bunch of the parents of the boys and tells them that the kids will have to testify again at a new trial. Most of the parents don't want to put their kids through that and are angry at SVU.

Cassidy shows up at Benson's. He is full of blood and says he needs her help. 

SVU is called to the scene of a homicide. West has been murdered. The homicide detective, Holiday, tells SVU to stop screwing cases up and go home.

Cassidy tells Benson he was hit over the head while drunkenly yelling at West and woke up to find him dead. She says they will investigate her way and questions him. He shows her a washer or something he found in his boot.

Rollins takes Noah out to breakfast and then school and he tells her there were a man's boots in the kitchen this morning. Later, Rollins questions Benson who admits Cassidy is hiding from the cops in her apartment. Benson believes Cassidy's story. Rollins does not and says now she's implicated too because she knows the truth.

SVU questions some of the parents and finds out Kayla Price was being paid off not to let her son testify and that another parent has no alibi. However, Holiday confronts Rollins about stealing her case and later Stone yells at Benson. Rollins goes to Benson's apartment and yells at Cassidy to stop being a coward and turn himself in.

Holiday gives Stone a surveillance video showing Cassidy dumping a hat in a sewer. Stone wants to know where Cassidy is. He shows up and turns himself in.

Stone won't let Benson interrogate her ex. Holiday accuses Cassidy of being a racist who killed West because he was black. Cassidy claims she's the only one who brought up race. He is arrested for murder anyway. Holiday doesn't like it that Benson interrupts when she ignores Cassidy's demand for a lawyer.

Benson tells Stone that Cassidy has been at her apartment. Stone is not happy and says she obstructed justice. Fin tries to stand up for Benson. 

The ME informs SVU that there was fish DNA on West. Carisi realizes that Kayla Price has a boyfriend. It turns out he's a fisherman. Upon further investigation, Sammy Price's brother is found to be the killer. West molested him. He confesses.

Cassidy asks Stone to cut a deal with Reggie Price and tells him he was molested as a child too. He never told Benson.

Benson and Cassidy meet on the street and Cassidy declares Benson is the love of his life even though she would never bare her soul to him. They hug. She looks out the window of the restaurant she goes into but he is gone.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 13 Quotes

Rollins: You and Cassidy... have you...
Benson: Not ever since the DA's office cleared me of child abuse charges.
Rollins: That's understandable.
[Cassidy comes over.]
Cassidy: Hey, Amanda. Hey, Liv. How's my new boss doing?
Rollins: Great, considering he only got the case from Barba two weeks ago.
Cassidy: Great. Let's go put the final nail in this bastard's coffin.

Cassidy: He was resisting arrest.
Defense attorney: So you smashed his head into a desk and called him a monkey?
Cassidy: That's a lie!