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Benson goes to a therapist for mandatory trauma-informed interview training. The therapist gets her to talk about her experience being kidnapped by William Lewis.

Benson's interview is juxtaposed with scenes of a woman named Reagan who is hanging with two other women at a bar. Reagan seems pretty drunk by the end of the night as she gets into a Quikride vehicle. She wakes up and finds a guy next to her, who says he is her ride share and then hits on her. Reagan takes pills and goes back to sleep. The guy asks if she's being dropped off first.

The next morning, Reagan wakes up and stares at herself in the mirror, shocked.

Fin and Rollins welcome Benson back and ask if they should have a party since she is now Captain. Benson tells them to sign up for their trauma-informed interview training. Fin is of the opinion that hiring more detectives would be more helpful. 

Fin walks away. Reagan shows up and tells Benson she has no idea if something happened to her or not.

Reagan explains to Benson and Rollins that she woke up at home all sticky and sore with no memory of the night before. She thinks she may have been raped. Rollins looks at her phone and discovers that she took a QuikRide all the way to Sheepshead Bay for $140. Reagan does not even know what Sheepshead Bay is. She asks for water but Benson says first they need to go to the hospital. Reagan doesn't want to go to Mount Siani. Benson says she will make some calls.

Benson wants Rollins and Fin to track down the driver and the other passenger and talk to Reagan's friends as well as canvas the bar she was taken to in Sheepshead Bay. Fin complains there's only two of them. Rollins asks who is taking Reagan to the ER. Benson says she will do that.

At the ER, doctor tells Benson that bruising shows Reagan was held down and both vaginally and anally raped. Benson goes into the exam room. Reagan wants to go home but the rape kit isn't finished. Benson asks Reagan if she can call anyone for her. Reagan says her friends will laugh about another crazy Reagan story. She can't trust them. She trusts Benson.

The QuikRide driver says Reagan was crazy. He tried to drop her off at home but she changed her mind. He gets a new cab every day.

Reagan's friends say "What now?" They say Reagan makes up stories and is overdramatic. They wanted to give her a ride home yesterday but she wouldn't let them.

Benson asks Reagan why she ddn't want to go to Mount Siani. Her fiance works there. He has anger management issues. Benson offers to call him. Reagan says she'll do it herself but wants Benson to stay til he gets here. Benson says she will.

Benson questions Reagan using the new techniques. Reagan remembers a white room but doesn't want to talk anymore. Her fiance shows up and Benson talks to him first. He asks if Reagan wants to see him and readily agrees to provide a DNA sample. Before Benson can question him further, Reagan comes out and runs into his arms, crying.

Rollins and Fin check in with Benson. There are some discrepancies with Reagan's claims. Her parents are not on a cruise -- one's dead, one's in assisted living. She has no siblings. She had a variety of drugs in her system and her friends say this is the fourth ER visit for alcohol related stuff. No proof she was at the bar in Sheepshead Bay.

Rollins tells Benson that Reagan reminds her of her sister, full of drama and loving attention. Benson says okay, but something happened. She tells Rollins the new interview techniques help people remember.

At Reagan's apartment, the cops find sand and gravel in her shoes and on the bed.

Rollins sneakily gets a DNA sample from Julius, the fellow passenger, by pretending she doesn't believe he put oat milk in her smoothie and insisting he taste it to be sure.

Benson goes to see Richard at his apartment. He says good luck. There is a broken plate on the floor. Reagan comes out and says THANK GOD. HE HIT ME!!! Then laughs and says she was kidding. She wishes he would hurt her. He's mad. She cheated on him. But she's sure BEnson doesn't want to talk about that. Benson says they can talk about whatever they want. Reagan says her assailants wouldn't let her get up to use the bathroom during the rape. She has a flashback with blurry people in it.

Rollins watches the driver. She is grossed out when he dumps a water bottle full of urine on the side of the road before getting into his cab but collects it anyway.

Benson talks to Carisi. She wants credit card and cell records for the passenger and driver. The DNA samples come back. One of them is an ex-military guy named Dennis.

Benson asks Reagan, ignoring Reagan complimenting her hair. Reagan says that this is her old boss and she gave him a blow job that afternoon. Benson changes the subject to ask Reagan about her family. Reagan explodes. She says Benson is mad because she exaggerated some details. SO what? She was raped. She storms out.

Benson goes to see Reagan a few days later. Reagan doesn't want to talk to her. Benson tells her she wants to start over. She believes she was raped. She thinks retracing Reagan's steps will help but she won't do it if she doesn't want to.

Rollins arrives for her training appointment. She is in a rush to get back to the case. The therapist says it doesn't work that way and that this is experiential. Rollins asks if it's okay if she's over the trauma she discusses. The therapist says that's fine.

Benson walks with Reagan, who thinks she should have had a premonition before getting in the car. Benson reassures her that not everyone does and not everyone acts on them. 

Rollins gets emotional as she recounts her own rape to the therapist.

Reagan is at the marina with Benson and is sure she was here before. She says she remembers the smell from the fryer and wondering where her shoes were. A big man dragged her.

Fin tells the therapist about remembering his mom getting shot. He says he understands the technique. The therapist warns him it could trigger uncomfortable feelings. Fin is okay with that.

At the marina, Reagan remembers the rapists laughing and singing and making fun of her. She sees a boat called Uptown Girl and freaks out. She can't go in there. Benson runs after her and tells her she doesn't have to. Reagan hugs her.

Julius and the driver are arrested. There's evidence they called two other guys to come to the boat to rape Reagan. Carisi says no one goes home, push them til they confess.

Julius at first denies knowing one of the suspects and insists he butt dialed but when confronted with evidence he worked for the guy he admits he knows him, then asks for a lawyer.

The driver denies everything and gets flustered.

Anthony Marino is arrested and told Julius and the driver ratted him out. The cops want to know who the other guy in the photo is.

Reagan doesn't recognize any faces from a mug shot. Benson asks her what her body felt like during the rape. Reagan remembers her hands being pinned over her head and the missing suspect having a tattoo. She describes it.

A guy named Frank Corso is arrested.

Reagan asks Benson if she is going to tell the suspects about the blow job she gave her old boss. Benson tells her that if this goes to trial Reagan's past will come out. Reagan wants her to promise her these guys won't get away with it. Benson can't do that.

Anthony Marino claims he wasn't on the boat yet claims Reagan was too crazy for him. His lawyer claims Marino found out the next day and was never there. He wants his client released or he will ruin Reagan on the stand during a trial.

The driver claims Marino was there but couldn't get it up. He says he didn't rape her. Didn't touch her. He just drove her home after and made sure she was safe. He writes out his statement.

Benson tells Reagan this isn't going to trial. Everyone took a plea. Reagan asks if this is supposed to make her feel better. She thinks Benson tells everyone that they will survive. Benson says she does because it's true. Reagan asks how she knows. Benson remembers being rescued after her kidnapping. She says because she did and offers to be there any time Reagan needs to talk.

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Law & Order: SVU Season 21 Episode 2 Quotes

Benson: Okay... I came to and he was still in my apartment. I could hear him breathing.
Therapist: Olivia. You ask victims to go back to a place they'd rather not be when they are at their most vulnerable.
Benson: Okay. I felt him... um... pull off the duct tape and it was burning. And I thought... I'm a cop. How could I have let my guard down?

Benson: Thank you for seeing me after hours.
Woman: Thank you for making the time.
Benson: I didn't really have a choice. I was told it was mandatory. [sits down] So I have investigated sexual assaults for 20 years and I'm pretty familiar with trauma-oriented interviewing.
Woman: This part of the training involves role play. So can you think of a trauma, something that happened in your own life?
Benson [laughing a little]: Trauma?
Woman: Maybe something that's on your mind, that you can't stop thinking about.
Benson: Okay... I'm ready.