A Vengeful Crime Boss - Law & Order: SVU
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Benson and Carisi play a tape of Papas telling his driver to go after Noah to get Benson to back off of the subway killer. The lawyer claims he was only venting etc. Carisi thinks Benson going in by herself is a problem. She needs this to stick so that she can bring Noah home.

Papas is charged with 19 counts.

Fin talks to Bruno who wants to quit now. He and Bruno see some trash guys who heard something in the compactor. They find an unconscious girl in there. Looks like an OD and a dart. The girl says she was raped.

A doctor confirms the girl was raped and says the dart contained an opioid and she survived because she's a heroin addict.

Benson comes into an empty squad room.  She calls Fin who tells her he is still in the Bronx. She wonders if he is leaving her too. He swears he isn't. She says she will call him Amanda from now on.

The victim is a prostitute who says all white guys look alike to her and that she has to get back to work or she'll get beaten. Bruno pays her enough to get her to talk. She says she was raped in some sort of medical room.

Most of the witnesses don't want to testify. Valesco says he will try to convince Sacrelige to talk.

Sacrilege is in withdrawal. Velasco offers him heroin. The woman from Bronx SVU doesn't like this and storms off. Velasco gives him drugs and bonds with him in Spanish.

Maria testifies  The defense tries to claim she doesn't know Papas was involved, he's a family friend, etc.

Duarte testifies. The defense attorney starts with Duarte about pushing the boy off the roof. Although an objection is sustained he is able to go on with it.  Also he claims Duarte lied to Benson about the threats and that Duarte, as a Mexican, is prejudiced against Salvadorians.

Fin and Bruno talk to a homicide detective about some women who died of opioids. Bruno realizes a veterinarian is probably involved. He and Fin talk to an old woman who says Dr. Tim tried to get her to touch him when he couldn't pay her bill.

Benny is poisoned. If he doesn't live that's the end of their case. He dies and now they can't use his tape.

Carisi says they have to play dirty like Papas does.

Albert has a fever and refuses to go to the hospital. Benson tells his mother that Benny was killed. Albert says now he wishes she had killed him. His other doesn't want him testifying and kicks Benson out. (Did Benson need to tell her the whole truth?)

Benson and Carisi warn Papas that if he doesn't cooperate they will release the tapes.

ALbert is admitted to the hospital and is scared. Benson feels it's her fault.

Carisi calls Rollins and says he's running out of witnesses and may be home early.

Benson tells Carisi that Albert's mom won't let him testify. Carisi says he has to put someone on the stand. He asks how Noah is. Benson says he is fine and safe.

Valesco tells the other detective that he didn't give the suspect drugs.

Sacrelige wants drugs and is rude to the other detective. Valesco tells her to leave.

Benson looks at a photo of Noah at the McCanns and Duarte bothers her at the bar. She says Noah seems happy not with her. She says Duarte was right that they should have gone after Papas in the first place.

Duarte walks Benson to a cab and goes into a convenience store where some BX9 members come in. Duarte tells the clerk to get down and shoots at the attackers.

Benson comes to the hospital where Duarte is in critical condition. Fin wants her to hire Bruno. She worries she was too hard on Duarte. The surgeon comes out. Duarte is dead.

Benson goes to see Papas and says they have proof that Papas ordered the hit on Duarte. Papas says she knows the rule. Duarte was going to take away everything he built. He says his whole crew is here and you can't kill an idea. He says he has a soft spot for Benson because she was serious about killing him for what he did to Noah.

Papas says he will plead guilty to murder but not the rapes. Benson wants his word that her son is safe He gives it. He got what he wanted so they are even.

Papas has gotten two 25 year sentences. Benson says Stabler is bringing Noah home.

Churlish comes to see Benson. She has recorded Valesco giving drugs to Sacrilege.

At home, Noah is asleep. Benson thanks Stabler for taking him home. He wants to know why she didn't call him. She didn't want him to protect her. Stabler says he cares about her. He looks at her and almost kisses her but she says she can't. What if it doesn't work out? She is not ready for this.


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Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 12 Quotes

Bruno: I told you, I am done. That deaf girl case was my last case.
Fin: You have a monogrammed hammock in Mexico I don't know about it?

Papas: Captain Benson, I am sorry that you were hurt but I'm even more sorry that your son was traumatized.
Benson: If you say one more word against my son, it will be the last thing you ever say.