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Martha Cobbs, a conservative media personality, makes a speech at Hudson University making fun of liberals. Students begin protesting and she yells back at them. It gets physical. Later, she is found unconscious with her pants pulled down.

EMS tells Benson and Rollins that Martha was hit in the head. Martha is in and out of consciousness and doesn't tell Benson much of anything.

Later, the team learns about her ultra-conservative views. Rollins thinks some of her views are extreme but respects her, but the others loathe her. Nevertheless, she is a rape victim so they have to investigate the case.

Martha is not very cooperative, telling Benson she has her pegged as ultra-liberal, but Benson assures her she just wants to punish her rapist. Martha IDs a protester named Justin in a lineup but is hesitant. Justin's lawyer claims there was no rape and Martha just wants to advance her right-wing agenda.

In an effort to clear up the case, Martha is questioned again and also IDs a guy named Randy Platt in the crowd. He is a Martha fanboy who is a white supremacist. Randy makes a video saying that white Christians need to take back their country using guns if necessary.

Rollins and Carisi go to Platt's house. His mom is very friendly. Someone throws a firebomb through the window while they are there but she can't tell them who has been threatening Randy. 

Randy is taken to the station and says a lot of reactionary things about women, then asserts his constitutional rights. He is sent home.

The trial begins and Martha refuses to heed Barba's advice to present herself as sympathetic. She wants to be who she is.

On the stand, the defense attorney paints Martha as an ultra-rich conservative who encourages people like Platt. He points out she stayed in a fancy hotel the night before the speech.

Barba asks him what was up with that. He says he was just showing she is part of the 1%. He also says his client is innocent.

Benson tries to talk to Martha, who whines about how Barba isn't aggressive enough. Benson tells Martha to drop the act and just talk as one person to another. Martha admits she is not sure who raped her.

Barba is supposed to cross-examine Platt but asks for the case to be dismissed for lack of evidence. Justin's lawyer makes a speech about how Martha was misusing the system. Feet away, Platt makes one about how immigrants shouldn't be allowed to be DA.

Benson meets Martha in a coffee shop, but Martha goes back to political rhetoric. Benson leaves.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 7 Episode 12 Quotes

Rollins: Anyone have a protest sign that looks like this?
Girl: So you can get people for protesting?
Rollins: This isn't about politics. A woman was raped.

Woman: The liberal snowflakes want to tear down statues of Andrew Jackson, Jefferson Davis... they seem to have forgotten that they were Democrats too. Just saying. That's why I come to colleges like Hudson, because I might be the only conservative voice they hear in four years.
Student: We don't want you here!
Woman: There is a totalitarian PC culture and I'm sick of it.
[students start marching]
Students: Go home. No Nazis. No KKK.
Woman: See? They are so brainwashed they've forgotten freedom of speech! Do you even know what you're fighting for?