Political Pressure - Law & Order Season 23 Episode 5
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The night after two women are running in the park, one of them is found dead. But she doesn't have the right shoes for running on.

The other runner says she didn't know the woman but spoke to her earlier. She recalls a guy staring at her and the other woman.

The cops see a guy who could be their suspect. The guy starts running.  They tackle him on some stairs and find he has a woman's necklace. He is arrested.

The necklace he has on him IDs the woman as the founder of a dating site dedicated to female empowerment. Her sister comes to the station but insists that her sister had no boyfriend and drove her crazy because she kept setting her up with men and it never went anywhere. She says her sister just started seeing a psychiatrist and doesn't want to talk about why.

 The cops talk to the psychiatrist who says the conversations are privileged and she has to talk to her attorney .

Dixon calls. They found video of a guy with a hat with an orange P, which matches Miguel's description. A doorman says that he sees this guy all the time and asks whether this is the killer. He says he'll catch the guy for them. They tell him not to

The cops realize the P could be for Princeton. There is only one suspect in the area that matches the description. He is a super rich tech guy.

The cops interview the tech billionaire and he says he heard a woman scream and called 911 and the operator said to call back if he had evidence of a crime. He says he knew Veronica from college and was sorry to hear about her death. He says she reached out to me a few weeks ago but he never responded. He says he saw her six months ago. He saw a man with a plaid hat like Holden Caulfield after he heard the scream and the guy walked away when he asked if heard that.

The cops ocnfirm that Veronica kept texting Kelton and that Kelton called 911 at 5:08 AM.

The cops question the vendor with the Holden Caulfield hat. He has a scratch that he claims is a cat scratch. The cops find out that he has a record for felony sexual assault and arrest him. The guy claims the SA charge is BS because some woman was upset he dumped her. Dixon interrupts because the psychiatrist is ready to talk.

The psychiatrist says Veronica was sexually assaulted six months ago. They arrest  Scott for the murder.

McCoy has a press conference to announce Kelton's arrest. The Mayor speaks about how this was a targeted attack and how the NYPD is doing a fantastic job. A reporter asks if McCoy charged Kelton with murder because he donated to his opponent.

After the press onference, the mayor tells McCoy he'd better know what he's doing because Kelton does a lot for the city.

Price is worried that the media is spinning it as a politically motivated case. Maroun says they have a strong case. Price wants to call the vendor to the stand so that the defense can't use hi to create reasonable doubt.

The vendor testifies and says he knew Kelton and that Kelton gave him 10K for a lawyer. Nolan says so he knew you'd be a good perosn to frame but is shot down by the defense attorney and the judge.

On cross the defense attorney hammers home the point that the vendor was convicted of sexual assault.  Nolan objects to her trying to insinuate Walsh did it.

Nolan  says we have to prove motive. Maroun says she'll talk to Dr. Andrews. However, Dr. Andrews is now asserting privilege. She says it's not a legal decision, it's an ethical one. As a therapist she can't do this because other patients are worried that their secrets aren't safe.

Nolan tells McCoy that the judge allowed the motion to quash. He's not sure if he can make the case.  He wants to plead this out.  McCoy is upset but gives him permission to offer Man 1, 10 years.

Price meets with Kelton and his attorney. He claims he did not rape Veronica. However, she accused him of rape and demanded an apology. He refused to apologize and she got upset  and said she was going to go pu blic.  He lost it and grabbed her and she hit him and everything happened fast. He says he pushed her and she fell and hit her head and started to bleed and he knew his life was over and he couldn't take it back and that no one would ever believe his side of the story. It was him or her. So he choked her.  Grassley wants Man 2 5 years. Nolan says 10, not a day less. Grassley and Kelton reject that offer.

Marouns ays at least they know he's guilty. They can't tell anyone. Maroun has an idea. Maybe they can find someone else at the retreat who knows about the rape or someone else on his plane.

The DAs talk to the Mayor's son who refuses to takl about the rape.  His wife and daughter come in. He says if you will excuse me... The DAs say they know he was there with a woman who wasn't his wife. He says he is not testifying. The defense will destroy his life. He kicks them out.

Maroun has a text from Jordan the day after the rape. He was checking in on her to make sure she was okay.  She says he's the only one who can establish motive. Someone calls Nolan.

The mayor has called Nolan. He says he wants to enjoy a scotch with his new friend.  He says he also enjoys scotch when he's upset or under attack. Nolan says he knows Jordan is in pain. Mayor says cut a deal with Kelton for five years. My son is off limits.  He says if you subpoena my son, I will bury you. He will pull his support and make sure McCoy's opponent is elected and the new DA will fire Nolan.

Nolan and McCoy argue about the case. McCoy says we can't let the mayor's office dictate what we do. He told the mayor to go to hell. He wants Nolan to step aside. He's off the case. Nolan says who's gonna finish the trial?

McCoy questions Jordan on the stand. Jordan says why do you care about convicting an innocent man? He insists McCoy is politivizing the case. McCoy gets permission to treat him as a hostile witness. Eventually McCoy gets him to say that Scott said Veronica was an uptight bitch. The mayor is in the audience looking upset.

Grassley starts with how Jordan was having an affair. McCoy's objection is overruled.

McCoy closes.

The jury is back. They find Kelton guilty. The Mayor glares at McCoy.

Nolan congratulates McCoy. McCoy tell shim he resigned 20 minutes ago. Nolan says you can still win the election. McCoy says he's been thinking about this a while and it's time. The mayor will succeed at getting the other guy elected and the new guy will go after Nolan. So if he steps aside now the governor can appoint someone new, someone with integrity.

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Law & Order Season 23 Episode 5 Quotes

Doorman: Tell you what Next time I see him I'll sneak up behind him and...
Ripley: Please don't. Leave the police work to the police.

Miguel: I didn't kill that woman.
Shaw: Then why did you run?
Miguel: I got scared. I don't like police.
Shaw: What were you doing in the park so early?
Miguel: I have a job. I clock in at six every morning.
Shaw: That makes sense. What doesn't is why you have a woman's necklace in your pocket.