Baiting a Colleague - Law & Order Season 23 Episode 3
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A woman tries to escape from someone following her. She hurries down a dark, graffitied street. The man says he just wants to talk to her and starts choking her, saying to say she loves him. She says it. He calls her a liar and proceeds to kill her.

Riley comes up to Shaw. He's late because he was at a basketball game. A uniform says the woman appears to have been choked. She's all bloody.

A woman tells the cops that Celeste was happy and just got promoted to VP somewhere. They didn't talk about her social life very much. The mother thinks no one cares about the crime in the city and that they're giving them a free pass to rob and kill people. Shaw assures her that they do care and will do everything in their power to find the person who hurt her daughter.  Celeste's mother asks how Celeste died.

The ME has confirmed asphyixiation. He'd never seen a head in that position. Riley has found a text on Celeste's phone from a guy who was filled with rage. The guy runs away when he sees them. He thinks they're debt collectors (the kind that hrut people)

The cops have security footage showing Mason was in the area. He's shocked she's dead.  He insists he wasn't stalking her. He is detained anyway.

The cops assume Mason is an obsessive ex-boyfriend. Vee finds three other people killed in the same way.

Riley recognizes the last victim's name. It was his case.

DNA comes back -- not Mason. Riley asks him if Celeste was a sex worker. Shaw thinks that's inappropriate but Mason says it's okay. Celeste went to clubs but wasn't a sex worker.

Shaw apologizes for not knowing that Olivia was a sex worker. He also says Black girls don't get the same treatment as rich white girls. Riley says he worked as hard on that case as any acse.

Shaw and Riley talk to a woman at a club who won't check whether Celeste was there because she wants her clients to feel safe. She's issued a subpoena for her business records and surveillance.

Shaw tells Vee he doesn't know anyone who would go to a club like this. Vee said might not be true. They find Celeste wearing a necklace on surveillance video and that a guy followed her.

The suspect is Bruce Elliot. A doorman says Bruce is respectful to staff, not like many. He tries to call him but gets no answer. He gives the surveillance video. They get a search warrant. They find a girl either watching porn or doing a webcam thing. She's freaked out and doesn't understand. Shaw finds Celeste's necklace.

Cops have an idea where Bruce is. Riley is sure that Bruce wouldn't take the subway. The cops walk, looking for him, and they find him but of course he runs away. As usual, there's a chace. Bruce grabs some woman at gunpoint and drags her away. Riley insists he can talk him down. Shaw says he doesn't have to do this. Shaw says they're both going in. They go into the restaurant and evacuate it.  Bruce swears he'll shoot the woman if he doesn't get a car. Riley offers himself instead. Shaw is hidden in the background watching. Bruce agrees to the exchange and lets the woman go. Shaw sneaks up behind and disarms Bruce.

At arraignment, as usual Maroun wants remand.The defense attorney claims this is a witch hunt. The judge is unimpressed and remands the defendant to custody despite the defense attorney saying he can post 5 million dollar bond.

A man wants to know why the defendant is not charged with all of the murders. He says his daughter was one of the other victims and he wants justice for her. Maroun says they don't have enough evidence yet. He says just admit y'all don't care about poor Black people.

McCoy says they don't have enough evidence, so there's nothing to discuss. Nolan says that while they found jewelry in the apartment, the cops can't prove it belonged to the victims. Maroun wants to push the date back to find the evidence. Price says Celeste's case is far stronger. Maroun doesn't think that's fair. McCoy orders them to move forward with Celeste,fair or not, because they can win this case.

The club owner testifies. The defense attorney makes a big deal out of it being a BDSM partner.. She claims the fetish involves choking so eveyrone in the club is a suspect. Nolan says that's preposterous and irrelevant. The judge says the lifestyle exposed her to risk so it's admissible. She tries to argue that Bruce and Celeste had sex in the club.

Maroun tells Price people her age don't view sex judgmentally like he does. She chose a young jury for this reason.

They want to bring in the other murders. The defense attorney says it's not fair and there is on evidence. The judge agrees with Price. The defense attorney complains it is prejudicial. The judge still disagrees.

Dixon testifies. The defense attorney says there's no evidence. The father from before bursts in and starts yelling that Bruce killed his daughter. The cops drag him away while Bruce claims he doesn't know what he's talking about.

The judge instructs the jury to ignore the man's outburst. They are not to consider it in their deliberations.

The defense attorney calls Riley and questions him about questioning Bruce in connection with Olivia's death. She has his notes where he thought Bruce was calm and had a credible alibi.

Nolan and Riley stare at each other.

McCoy wonders now what? Price wants to impeach Riley's credibility as a detective to counteract the the defense narrative that he's a great detective. He was suspended for six months three weeks after the interview with Elliot. McCoy doesn't want to hurt the already fraught relationship with the cops. Price thinks putting a serial killer away is more important. McCoy says to give Dixon a heads-up

Price meets Dixon, who is not happy about this. She says Riley is a good man and great cop and maybe there's another way. She says he had a rough time when his father was dying. He had been drinking and herad the captain being nasty to Dixon and punched him out. She says that he threw a punch for her. Who does that?

Riley answers Nolan's questions about the incident. He badgers him til the defense attorney objects.

Nolan comes to see Riley and apologize. He's sorry about today. Riley gets it. He has some photos that may be helpful.

Nolan does his closing about Celeste being so violent and also about the killing spree.  The photos of the other victims prove that they had the jewelry Bruce had in his apartment.

The defendant is found guilty.

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Law & Order Season 23 Episode 3 Quotes

There are too many criminals out there. And they just keep getting more brazen, because nobody cares.


Shaw: Was Celeste dating anyone?
Mother: I don't know. We didn't really talk about her social life.
Riley: Was there a reason for that?
Mother: People are age see things differently. She didn't think I could understand. So we just didn't talk about it.