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Lizzie is at a retreat for witches and Hope and Josie realize something is off about it.

Hope is asked to touch the crystal by the leader after calling her a fraud.

It changes Hope's mood and the leader realizes she has all the power.

The leader was released by Clarke.

In the end, the witches defeat her and wait at the fire for the next monster -- but it's Darth Vader.

Alaric reels in Dorian to help him find MG, but he realizes MG could be killing again.

When they track him down, he's worse for wear so they knock him out.

They then realize a Wendigo is causing problems and embark on a mission to take it down.

MG resurfaces and kills it.

MG asks about helping people and Alaric agrees.

Meanwhile, Finch challenges Jed to be the alpha, but she lets him win.

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Legacies Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Wait, I hate that I have to do this because all I've ever wanted for you is happiness, but just because Andi's a fraud, even though she is, you're lying to yourself because you're mad at Landon.


Hope: Lizzie, we're all pandas. We're in this together.
Josie: We're in complete pandagreement.
Lizzie: We're all seeing the same thing now. Oh, good. Unless that's bad.
Hope: Guys, we have to pull it together in case we have to fight.
Lizzie: We are tripping balls, man.