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Riggs has Miranda flashbacks after getting information from Palmer about her death not being an accident. He's looking through the file and drinking. He actually puts an empty gun to his head and pulls the trigger.

Roger is trying to set up a tent in the living room for a bonding trip with RJ. Instead of camping, Trish rented them a fully stocked cabin. He likes that.

Riggs wants to question Gideon before Avery takes him away, but he doesn't get the chance yet.

Gideon is being taken by van to a federal holding cell when the van is overrun by a hitman. Turns out it was Riggs. Back at the office Murtaugh and Bailey are investigating the case.

Gideon is tied up in Riggs' trailer. He wants to know if Gideon killed Miranda.

Murtaugh shows up at the trailer. He thinks the Gideon kidnapping is an inside job. Murtaugh is starting to get suspicious of Riggs. He goes inside to use the washroom, ,but Riggs stops him. Gideon is tied up to the toilet.

At home Murtaugh is upset. He tells Trish he thinks Riggs did take Gideon.

Riggs transfers Gideon to Roger's cabin that he's not going to because of the case. Murtaugh wants Bailey to track Riggs' phone. He knows that he's at the cabin.

Gideon is taunting Riggs.Riggs is about to shoot Gideon when he hears a noise. It's Roger.

While Riggs and Murtaugh were arguing on the porch, Gideon escaped. Murtaugh comes across Gideon and shoots him. Gideon falls into a river. He may or may not be dead.

Riggs wants to turn himself in, but Murtaugh won't let him.  Murtaugh saves Riggs' ass in Avery's office. Murtaugh goes back into Avery's office and tells him he needs a new partner.

Riggs goes back home and has more flashbacks. Riggs goes to Murtaugh's place to tell him that Gideon lied about the blueberry pancakes.

Murtaugh tells Riggs he's getting a new partner. The bromance is over.

Riggs is at Delgado's office telling him about Miranda's death. Riggs never mentioned Gideon, but Delgado mentions it and Riggs is suspicious. Riggs thinks that Delgado had something to do with Miranda's death.

Murtaugh is at a stoplight and gets accosted by the cartel. Turns out Delgado works for the cartel. He was blackmailed. Riggs wants to know who was responsible for ordering the hit on Miranda. It was Tito Flores.

Gideon shows up and wants to take Martin for a ride to see Murtaugh.

Riggs and Murtaugh are tied up and Gideon is asking questions. Gideon starts torturing Murtaugh while Riggs watches.

Gideon tells Riggs how Miranda died that he had to suffocate her because she didn't die in the crash.

Riggs breaks his ties and goes after Gideon and the others. Gideon is fighting Riggs on train tracks. Murtaugh thinks that he got killed, but Riggs takes off just in time.

Trish and fam are at RJ's graduation when Murtaugh shows up just the way he left the subway area. 

Murtaugh visits Riggs' trailer, but no one is home. Delgado is being arrested for working with the cartel. Murtaugh takes over and wants to know where Riggs went. Delgado tells him Riggs went to Mexico to go after Tito Flores. 

Tito is at a party and gets a phone call from Riggs. 

Murtaugh is at home and tells Trish he's going to Mexico to find Riggs.

Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

You and I need to be alone in the woods so I can download all this man knowledge.


There are certain things a man must learn before he sets out into the world. One of them being how to survive on his own.