Howard makes a big bet on the three horse. He's going to eat at the clubhouse restaurant when he sees someone and takes off. A guy follows him and kills him with a lethal injection to the neck.

Riggs wakes up on the beach. He's been fishing. His trailer is gone, but his truck is still there. The city took it.

Murtaugh complains about RJ raiding the fridge. He tells Trish he's still working on his will. Riggs comes in to use their shower and complains about his trailer being towed.

The two are called to the crime scene where Howard died. Leo is there. Howard was a client of his. Det. Bailey claims he wasn't murdered but had a stroke.

Scorsese discovers that Howard was indeed murdered and provides them all with the evidence.

They are at Howard's bar for his memorial. Afterwards, they go to Howard's apartment above the bar to find it ransacked. Murtaugh tells Riggs he's going to put him in his will.

The perpetrator is in the apartment trying to kill Leo while they are outside arguing about the will. They finally hear him yell and go in to find the bloody scene. Leo stabbed the perp in self defense.

Back at the station, he's in shock and telling his story to Captain Avery. Murtaugh tells Avery about his will.

Riggs is in Cahill's office. She brings up his dad.Flashback to Riggs' past when he and his dad are evicted from their house. 

Trish tells Riggs he needs to look for another place. Riggs is not happy and tells Trish he'll take care of it. Riggs talks to Murtaugh about the situation. He invites Riggs to stay at their house.

They go to a tattoo parlor to question a suspect and a fight ensues. Riggs is out of control using the bat until Murtaugh stops him.

Riggs is sleeping in his truck and has another flashback to his dad chasing him in a thunderstorm and he hides in the trunk of an abandoned car. It's his regular hiding place.

Bailey and Bowman investigate Howard's place with Leo.

Leo shows up at Murtaugh's place to tell him about the windfall while a drunken Riggs crashes his trailer into Murtaugh's backyard.

The next morning he is quite embarrassed. Trish is so upset with him that she can barely talk.

Leo talks to Avery about the CDs they found in Howard's apartment.

Murtaugh and Riggs go to the bar and find a hole leading to an underground tunnel while Leo tries to distribute Howard's remains in the plants at the Jockey Club. Leo is taken to security and it's one of the guy's who killed Howard.

A robbery is in progress just as Riggs and Murtuagh start investigating where the tunnel leads. They chase after the perps and kill them.

Leo thanks the police department for their hard work.

Riggs visits Cahill. He apparently found a place to live. Riggs is working on fixing the Murtaugh's fence. Trish comes to talk to him and offer him a drink. He tells her a story about his past and how he felt when his trailer was taken. 

Riggs' new home is his trailer parked in the Murtaugh's garage.





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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Who are you going to believe? Me? Or the B Team?


My job is to help you do yours.

Dr. Cahill