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Flashback to 1966 in Texas where Riggs is in a Corvette and out-chases a cop before crashing.

Riggs gives testimony for his friend Voss so that he can get parole.

RJ returns home to do laundry while Roger finds a joint in a cookie box. He plucks their hair to have Scorsese analyze it.

Riggs and Murtaugh are on the case. B team is already there. It' a robbery-homicide. The dead guy is the guy his friend went home with after being paroled.

Roger wants to meet Riggs' friend.

Scorsese gives Roger information about the dead guy. The phone number is Riggs' other friend Molly Hendricks. Roger asks Scorsese to run test on the hair samples.

Riggs visits Molly to talk about Jake. They reminisce, but he needs to talk to Jake. Jake gets to Molly's, sees Riggs and takes off. A car chase ensues. Riggs catches up but lets him go. Riggs tells Rog that that was his friend.

Riggs and Murtaugh get information from Jake about Kenny.

Bailey tells Scorsese she accidentally sent Bowman an accidental sext.

Riggs shows up at Avery's office. He's busted for knowing the suspect. Jake did something for Riggs but we don't know what it was. Murtaugh tries to get it out Jake, but Jake causes an accident and takes Roger's gun and uncuffs himself and takes off.

Roger learns that neither of his kids tested positive for marijuana. He thinks it's Trish's joint but it's probably Riggs'.

Riggs is outside Molly's place and has a flashback to his father finding out he stole a car and he gets beat. Riggs pulls a gun on his old man.Wow. I need you to do me a favor. Don't miss. He beats on Riggs until Jake pulls a gun and shoots Riggs' dad in the head.

Riggs and Roger visit Cook again to tell him he's a suspect. Bailey and Bowman come across some evidence. jake finds the gold.

Jake thinks that Molly is going to run off with him but she turns him over to Riggs. Jake gets shot by the parole officer. Roger gives chase.

Riggs lets Jake go while Roger is off with the parole office, but Molly doesn't go with. She stays behind.

Roger wants answers but Riggs doesn't give any.

Avery questions Riggs about Jake. Before Riggs leaves he gets honest with Avery about his dad and asks that he not tell anyone.

Roger got high from cousin Connie's special gummy bears by accident after he determines the joint was hers.

Riggs comes to help Roger get over his high and gives him a beer, a can of cheese and crackers.





Lethal Weapon
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Lethal Weapon Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Who invited Mary Jane into my house?


Your country cousin may trust you, but I sure don't.