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The season premiere of Leverage picked up with Nate in prison and the team working to break him out of jail. Everything goes like clockwork for the team as they executed their plan.  They hurry Nate outside to a car that pulled up with Sophie driving and as they piled inside Nate stopped and said “No”.  This cut back to what was really going on.  That was a conversation between Sophie and Nate at the private security prison that he was in, with us having watch her description of how they wanted to break him out.

Nate again told them no, he was going to stay where he was. The next day at the prison Nate helped a young man working in the prison library avoid being stabbed. The young man explained that he should not even be in jail. Nate had Harding check into it and they found that the warden of the prison appears to be corrupt and paid judges.

The warden owned five private prisons and the team found that he was paying judges to help keep the prison population numbers up so he would not lose his federal funding. Nate and his team come up with a plan to bring the warden down and maybe break Nate out of prison at the same time.

Sophie approached the warden about running for Senator while the team worked to map out the prison’s security system. Just as they formulated their plan, the warden is tipped off that Nate maybe up to something. The warden being tipped set Nate in motion and he attempted to escape, the warden rushed to the bank where Sophie had put the funds that the warden wanted as a sign of her seriousness about the Senate race.  The warden found his money and the money Sophie put in there was still there and took it all.

The warden returned to the prison, the guards had still not found Nate or the young man Nate was helping. The state police showed up with video evidence that Nate escaped in the Warden’s trunk. Further they had proof the money he took from the bank had come from Nate, as a bribe to help him escape.

Nate and his team met back at his apartment (now converted to HQ) where a mysterious Italian woman offered Nate a job. She gave him six months to bring down a very bad man named Damien Morrow or things would go very wrong for him and his team.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Nate: Guys, I committed a crime, I got caught and now I am going to server my time.
Sophie: Nate, what kind of world would it be if everyone who committed a silly little crime went to jail? Complete madness!

Hardison: See, I like this. I like it when we pretend to kiss.
Parker: Prented??
Hardison [grins]: Heeeeey.