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The episode opened with miners changing shift at the entrance to an mine and shortly after a huge explosion happened. One of the surviving miners named Hollingsworth went to see Nate and his team two years later and explained that twelve miners had died in the explosion and the money that the mine got to improve safety standards never made it to the mine.

The team decides a “Skyway Shuffle” should work to find the money and get it back to the mines as it should have been.  Sophie and Hardison pretended to be mine inspectors while Nate pretended to be Bob Gibson, someone interested in buying the mine. Parker went undercover in the Attorney General Debra Pierce, as an assistant since the money went to her because she was in the pocket of Dan Blackwell the mine owner.

Nate’s plan went sideways when Blackwell decides to destroy the mine instead of pulling funds from the Pierce pact funds and the team had to scramble to save the mine and keep the plan on track. Nate decided to turn Blackwell and the Pierce against each other by making Blackwell think that Sophie was cheating him and getting Pierce to think that Blackwell was cheating her with Sophie.  Nate lured Blackwell into the mine to prevent him from blowing it up but an explosion happened before they could get out.

While trapped in the mine with Nate, Blackwell admitted that he had not used any of the federal money for safety equipment but had paid off Pierce. Meanwhile, Pierce transferred all the money she had from Blackwell into another account that Parker had setup as her assistant.

Both the Pierce and Blackwell were arrested as Blackwell’s confession had been broadcast on the PA system where the police heard it. Since Blackwell was going to jail the company put Hollingsworth in charge of the mine. Nate gave Hollingsworth a check for the money they had gotten back from Pierce and Blackwell.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Sophie: What are we going to do Nate?
Nate: We are going to convince him that you are a lying greedy bitch.

Eliot: That will give us enough time to find the bomb.
Hardison: Oh yea, plenty of time. Meanwhile I will be here, in the van, as far away from the mine as possible, my dude, go with god.