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The episode opened with some thugs speaking Russian beating a guy and giving him a red cell phone. The man met with Nate, Sophie and Hardison, showing them the phone. He explained that the thugs told him to answer the phone and do whatever they said or they would kill his kids.

Nate and Sophie told the man they would keep his kids safe. Hardison cloned the phone and with some of his tech magic and tracked it to the Russians hideout. However, just as Eliot and Parker got to the Russian hideout Nate and Sophie walked into their bar where the leader of the gang was sitting. The leader turned out to be Nate’s father Jimmy Ford.

Nate told the crew to treat Jimmy as any other mark.  The team found out that Jimmy had three people with red cell phones that were all told to answer the phone and do what they were told when called or “else”. Nate figured out that in reality Jimmy was running a game of “three card monte” on larger scale. In order for Nate and his team to complete this job they needed to beat Jimmy at his own game.
Nate got close to his dad to try and find out exactly what the bigger plan was. Nate’s plan backfired as his dad played him and ditched him.

Nate took what he knew about his dad and figured out what he was actually after. Nate and his team stopped the Russians but Nate confronted Jimmy as he was taking a ledger that was evidence on three major crime families but, let him leave with it. Jimmy attempted to give the ledger to each family but they tried to kill him instead.

Nate called Jimmy and explained that while he could not stop him from taking the ledger, he had contacted each of the families and told them that Jimmy was going to blackmail them for the ledger. Each of the families now had a contract out on Jimmy. Nate arranged for Jimmy to leave the US and retire in Ireland where he had once said he wanted to go to avoid the contracts on his life.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

You better say something, I swear on my momma I will blow a hole through your bedroom and spiderman out of the side of this building.


Eliot: You don't throw crowbars at people.
Parker: You don't throw crowbars at people... Bah, I could have just tazed him.