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Frustrated Laura - Liar
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Laura is unraveling after her social media post invites public comment and criticism about her alleged rape.

Andrew feels the pressure as well as news of the post reaches people in his everyday life.

Katy, overwhelmed by guilt from the affair, tries to make things up to her husband by being extra affectionate and thoughtful.

Tom continues to look into Andrew's past. 

Laura is frustrated that the investigation isn't moving quicker and expresses these feelings to the detectives.

Andrew attempts to explain himself and the situation to his son, Luke.

Laura gets a mysterious text message from someone with knowledge of her past.

Luke returns to school and his class with Laura.

Andrew returns to the hospital and surgery with Katy.

After stressful days, Laura and Andrew decide to take some time away from work.

Katy tries to keep her distance from Tom.

Laura makes a rash decision and heads to Andrew's house where she finds something she believes is incriminating.

Andrew reaches out to Laura to talk about the situation and quickly realizes it's a bad idea.

Laura asks a favor of Tom. 

The police raid Andrew's house. 

Andrew gets a call from a man named Denis Walters. 

Laura lies to the detectives about Andrew's house being raided.

Andrew finds something in his bedroom that doesn't belong.

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Liar Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Now people are going to make it about you and him and your whole life, everything you've ever done, is all gonna come out. Are you ready for that?

Katy [to Laura]

Andrew: This is my life!
Laura: This is my body!