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The episode opened with Clara Musso and Governor Brooks at a ground breaking for a new public education center. As Clara and Governor Brooks were leaving someone attempted to kill the Governor and a young woman was killed instead. The Lightman Group was brought in to try and find out if the assassin was working along. Right off the bat Lightman figured out that the girl that was killed was someone the Governor knew intimately and suspected that she might have actually been the target all along.

Lightman and Gillian interviewed the Governor and found that he did know the girl but that nothing had actually happened between them thanks to his chief of staff walking in at just the right time. When Lightman and Gillian interviewed his chief of staff they found that he *had* been involved with the girl, along with others in the office.  

Eli and Ria interviewed the man who was arrested for the shooting and verified that he was telling the truth when he said he had not shot the girl. He did not even recognize the gun that was used to shoot her.  Ria declared that he was clearly a patsy taking the fall.

Lightman and the team continued their investigation into the death of the young girl and shortly after interviewing the chief of staff, he also turned up dead the victim of an apparent suicide including a very nicely written note. However after analyzing the note they found it had been written by a woman. It turned out that Clara knew more about what happened than she had told Lightman in the beginning. Clara finally came clean that the Governor’s wife had committed a hit-n-run that the young girl had taken the fall for it and the chief of staff had covered it up. The Governor’s wife had the young girl and Chief of Staff killed believing she was protecting her husband’s career by tying up loose ends.

In view of her deception and cover-up of the information in the case Lightman forced Clara to give him back the majority stake in his company.  Still believing in the work they do she signed it back to him willingly.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Clara Musso: He's a governor Gillian, not a mob boss.
Cal Lightman: That sounds like a much better campaign slogan than "no more excuses" .

Clara Musso: Just go easy on him. I respect this man a lot. Some day he could be president.
Cal Lightman: Not with this girl's blood on his hands, he won't.