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The episode opened with a house being burglarized and one of the thieves breaking something and waking the owners. The owners came out and after a struggle the husband fell over the rail onto the floor and died. 

We switched to a scene of a juvenile correction facility where two girls were talking and one of them asked the other the other to hide a small object. The girl that was asked to hide the object turned out to be Ava Torres, Ria’s half-sister.  The other girl Marley attempted to escape and was found dead the next day.  Ria, Lightman, and Gillian went to see Ava because she left Ria a message begging Ria to come and get her. After another kid is framed for Marley’s death, Lightman helped break Ava out so they could catch the real killer.

Ava is staying with Gillian and right after dinner intruders broke in and tied up Gillian and stole the item from Ava that her friend asked her to guard. As Lightman and the team dug deeper into the murder of Marley and Gillian’s home invasion they found that kids from the juvenile correctional facility were doing home robberies. This included the robbery where the husband was killed from the falling over the rail.

The teens finally come clean that the Deputy Warden of the correctional facility was the one who put them up for the robberies. Lightman and Ria confronted the Deputy Warden and proved that she was behind it and she was arrested by Agent Reynolds.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Ava Torres: What's with the old white guy?
Cal Lightman: I am your sister's boss
Ava Torres: The lie guy?
Cal Lightman: Yeeeeep!

Emily Lightman: Do you think I hit something?
Cal Lightman: I think so.