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The episode opened with a woman named Carol attempting to kill herself by taking a handful of pills sitting in the office of John Stafford a renowned doctor in scientific re-patterning. Carol’s daughter Danielle went to Lightman to help get her mom away from SRP.

Eli and Ria went to see the doctor who treated Carol as her attempted suicide should have resulted in a 3 day stay in the hospital but she was back out already and back at Stafford. Lightman went to see Stafford and they went to see Carol. Lightman and Gillian could tell that Carol was scared of Stafford but was too brainwashed to leave.

While Eli and Ria continued to try and find information on Stafford Lightman went home to find that one of Stafford’s pamphlets was sitting on his kitchen counter. When Emily had no idea how it got there he made her get dressed and took her to the office.

Lightman and Gillian went back to Stafford and found that Carol was not with the SRP groups, when speaking with Stafford Lightman and Gillian pickup that he is familiar with Danielle. They go back to speak to Danielle and she admits she had been in SRP and had been having sex with Stafford nearly every day for a year, and now she hated herself.

Ria pulled Lightman out of the meeting with Danielle to explain to him that Stafford was really named Carl Weably, and was wanted for a hit-n-run accident where someone died and he had gotten extensive plastic surgery to hide.

Lightman confronted Stafford while he was on stage and presented him with his wife and daughter he had left 14 years before. Stafford walked away and told Lightman to take care of his own family. Lightman went home to find one of Stafford’s men sitting outside his house, he sent him back on foot keeping the car for the cops.

Stafford went to his storage facility and found it empty. Lightman showed up and told him the cops took it and then the cops arrived and arrested him. Gillian and Lightman helped Danielle and Carol start fresh without the SRP.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

What a load of old bollocks John. Your name is John, right?


Lightman: John Stafford is responsible for your mom's suicide attempt.
Danielle: Are you asking or telling me?
Lightman: I am just telling you what you want to hear love.