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The episode opened with a woman stumbling out of a care facility after she saw someone die. The woman Veronica stumbled into the street where she got clipped by Emily driving her father’s car.

Veronica has Alzheimer and believed that someone named Charlie was out to kill her. Lightman comes to help Emily with Veronica and while trying to find out where she really lives, Lightman learns that she is suffering from guilt from her sister’s death in 1968. But, she is projecting that on to people at the care facility and that the Charlie she thinks is killing people is really in the hospital.

Lightman and his team tracked “Charlie” to be a Psychiatrist on staff who had an Angel of Death complex and was killing patients he thought was in pain. Eli posing as a patient named Mark who was suppose to be in a Coma caught the doctor in the act and stopped him from killing anymore patients.

Lightman and Emily told Veronica she was now safe, they also brought in her piano so she could enjoy it. Lightman had a talk with Emily about what she wanted more, her phone or the car. Emily chose the car and then told him how thankful she was that he helped Veronica.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Charlie: You a cop?
Lightman: No, uh, authority issues.

What were no more than bee-stings 2 months ago are now a dead heat for a zeppelin race.