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The episode opened with a miner going to see his foreman because his check is short. The Foreman told the miner that he was not pulling his weight so his check was short. The Foreman then went to do inspections in the mine where he got trapped in a room and started running out of air. As he attempted to break out with a pick-axe it set off a spark and there was an explosion.

The manager of the company hires Lightman to try and prove that it was human error not company error that caused the explosion. Back at the office, Agent Dylan comes to see Lightman but found Gillian, he showed her a tape of Lightman playing poker with a bunch of known criminals. He told Gillian that if they didn’t take a case he had pro-bono that he would make a case against him for accepting dirty money.

Lightman goes to location of the mine where the explosion happened and being getting to know the men. After figuring out which ones seem to have the most to hide about the explosion Lightman went to work in the mine. Lightman got Brian to talk and explain that his crew was pulling a prank on The Foreman except things went badly and there was an explosion.

Gillian worked with Ria to find out where the next card game was and traded the information to Agent Dylan in exchange for not only clearing Lightman but losing the firm’s phone number. Lightman and Brian were leaving the mine when the group’s leader pulled a knife, one of the other men on the crew knocked him out.

Lightman got up to the surface in time to stop Connie from shooting the Manager (Wallace), explaining that he wanted to make things right and did regret the companies involvement.  Lightman got back to the office and found Ria and Gillian having celebrated by drinking a very expensive bottle of scotch. Gillian told Lightman he was going to thank her this time and he did actually take the time to thank her for cleaning up his mess with the FBI

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I am going to find out what happened down in that mine that makes you so ashamed. I am kind of a pain in the ass that way.


Lightman: I will take care of the FBI.
Gillian: All you do is antagonize them. What this requires is a woman's touch, get lost.
Loker: What was that about?
Lightman: I was *never* here.