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The episode opened with Gillian watching a video of Detective Farr beating a gang member and Wollowski watched. Gillian told Lightman that the video had been given to her as a warning to him because Wollowski was going down with her partner as dirt.

Lightman went to see Wollowski at the shooting range and found that she had been drinking and offered to drive as they went to see “Prince John” the local gang leader that Wollowski was beating. Wollowski arrested Prince John and took him back to Lightmans office.  When Prince John asked for a lawyer Wollowski took him back to his neighborhood and dropped him off. Shortly after he was shot and an eye witness said that Wollowski had done it.

Lightman found that the eye witness had a condition called “change blindness” where she would not notice when things changed around her as she saw what she wanted to see. This got Wollowski out of jail. She and Lightman were discussing her partner Farr when a home invasion took place, Lightman and Wollowski chased off the shooters after they shot up her home.  She then confessed that Suarez the man that Farr had been helping was Farr’s son.

Lightman and Wollowski confronted Farr and told him that he had to choose between his partner and his son as he had tried to kill her. Farr confessed the whole thing to Internal Affairs and said Wollowski had nothing to do with it. The head of Internal Affairs had Gillian and Ria question Wollowski about Farr being dirty.  Wollowski appeared to be telling the truth after having been coached by Lightman the night before.

Gillian confronted Lightman about having coached Wollowski, Lightman pointed out that she was protecting her partner the same thing he would have done had he been in the situation. Gillian finally relented and told Internal Affairs that she was clean. Farr went to prison and Lightman left Gillian and Wollowski standing together.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Lightman: That's not bad for seven bucks.
Wollowski: You know about wine?
Lightman: It's made from grapes.

Lightman: Tell me something that is a lie. Anything you want.
Wollowski: I hate you.
Lightman: That's perfect.