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The episode opened with two men pretending to be cops breaking into a museum and being shot by the security guard as one of them tried to pull a gun. One of the men survived and told Lightman at the hospital that the item they were trying to steal was pre-sold. The curator attempted to blame Ria for her work vetting the staff and security.

Lightman went to the waiting room where he met a woman named Naomi who was waiting for a co-worker. Also waiting was a man who was trying to get close to Naomi, she identified him as Jack her ex-boyfriend.  Lightman continued to get close to Naomi who was still hiding from her boyfriend.

Loker found that the museum used the same company to repaint before each exhibit. Ria and Gillian interviewed the painters and found that one of them was the inside man who tipped off the thieves. Lightman found out that Naomi’s ex-boyfriend was a government official who was using his connections in immigration to smuggle artwork out of the country.

Lightman continued to flirt with Naomi even after he figured out that she was part of the group trying to steal something from the museum. He eventually invited her to the party at the museum where he could keep an eye on her. As he was watching her, a diplomat fell down, Lightman figured out that he was drugged and was being used as a distraction so the thieves could steal a huge emerald.

Lightman attempted to chase the criminal but he got away in a cab, as Lightman turned around Naomi was there and she admitted that she was in on it to help the emerald be returned to the rightful owner. Lightman confessed to her that he never saw her as the decoy.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Lightman: You hang in there.
Robber: For what?
Lightman: Oh, don't be a wanker, there must be someone something.

You hired us to vet your staff and your security. Right now you are hoping she screwed up so you can blame this on someone else. Amusing? A laugh a minute. But YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!