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The episode opened with Lightman attempting to make beans and toast for him and Emily at four A.M. At the office he was attempting to start his book but could not figure out how to start it. When Lightman saw Gillian with a new client he broke into her calendar and found that she was at a teen beauty pageant.

At the Pageant Lightman spotted a girl name Megan who he believe had serious mental stability issues. The pageant cooridinator did not believe him and the next day Megan blamed one of the other girl’s fathers of molesting her.

Lightman could tell the man had not molested her and after confronting Megan that he had not really done it, two more girls came forward with nearly the exact same story as Megan’s but exactly like each other.

Lightman figured out that Megan gets off on her mother being in pain and was doing all of this to cause her mother pain. Megan ran away and a crowd of people tried to blame the father.  Lightman had Wallowski take the father in the police car saying his daughter was in the hospital.

Megan showed up at the hospital where Lightman was waiting. Megan tried to come on to Lightman and after he turned her down he found that she had been cutting herself. When she threatens to accuse him of attacking her he pulled the curtain back and her mother and Wallowski were standing there listening, Megan ran off.

Lightman found Megan standing in the rafters of the stage preparing to jump. Lightman managed to talk her down by sharing a bit about himself.  He offered to help her get out of the pageant world that she hated and she came down safely. After the pageant, Lightman confronted her mother about the abuse she had gone through as a young girl and Megan told her she was done with it all.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Lightman: When you hear hooves...
Gillian: Think horses, not zebras.
Lightman: Either way, it's a stampede.

Emily: What's going on Dad?
Lightman: Beans on toast love.
Emily: At four AM?
Lightman: Best time love.