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 The episode opened with a girl and an older man working in the back room of a BBQ restaurant. As the girl puts seasoning in the food on the stove the front door bells sound as if someone came in. The older man went out front and when he didn’t return the girl went out front and found the place being robbed.  After the girls gave the robbers the money they shot her.

Wallowski showed up at Lightman’s house asking for his help. The girl was the daughter of someone that Wallowski had known for years and he was dying. Wallowski asked Lightman to help find the girl’s killers before he dies.

Lightman goes through the gambit of suspects as he first thought the killers where her brothers. Then the officers got a tip that led them to arrest two drug users who had the gun that killed the girl. Lightman interviewed the two men and found that they had been paid to kill the girl. When Lightman got the older man in the same room with the two drug users he found that they knew him.

Lightman had Wallowski’s friend Jim pretend to be on his death to confront the old man (and Jim’s best friend). With this ruse Lightman proved that that the older man had the girl killed because she was going to inherit the family business.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Lightman: Where are the peasants?
Gillian: You're an hour early.
Lightman: I need them, now.

Emily: you wrote you first book on this
Lightman: Yea, I was the only bloke in New Guinea with carpal tunnel.
Emily: I like the way it sounds, reminds me of finger painting on the floor of your old office.
Lightman: Have you been drinking?