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Stella Abbott (Lucy Hale)  has been living in the moment for the past eight years since she was first diagnosed with cancer. Her family have been persistently comforting and supportive since the seemingly terminal news. Her brother encourages her to live her life as if she was dying, her sister kept things in perspective and her family as a whole helps her face her fears. We follow her narration over a montage of her diagnosis, her chemo treatments and her love story where she went seeking romance in Paris. 

It's once it's announced she's cured that the real craziness begins in her life. She learns quite rapidly that her family and husband have been lying to her for years. In quick procession, her mom leaves her dad (possibly for her godmother), her dad announces that he may have to sell the house and is financially uncertain due to his years of support for Stella, her sister is unhappily going through the motions of family life and her brother is a man-child who can't live on his own. 

Things further spiral as she's forced to contend with the idea that she can't bring her fractured family together and the first day to the rest of her life might actually be the first step in a series of them in rebuilding the trust that's been frayed over years of pushing dreams and wants aside to service a loved one they were in a constant state of fear of loosing. Stella and her fiance, Wes (Elliot Knight) are also in the throes of having to getting to know one another without a clock ticking down their moments together. 

We end as Stella, in voice over again, talks about how her family might be messier than she'd once realized, but they aren't pieces that can't be put back together. Her mom moves in with her partner, her sister leaves her corporate job to try and become a writer and she and Elliot find themselves meeting in the middle. It's only her unhappy father and her brother whose realized a fling is pregnant that are wayward. 

Life Sentence
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Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

What are you going to do with the first day of the rest of your life?


For the first time in my life my dad needed my help more than I needed his.