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Too much and not enough happens in this weeks episode of Life Sentence where the marital problems that have been lingering on the romantic foyer of Stella and Es begin to rear they're ugly heads 

After weeks of flirtation, Stella begins having sex dreams over the handsome new Doctor with the heart of gold, Will Grant. So smitten is she that she makes a passionate declaration to him about how he's the only one who has ever known the real her while poor, dejected Wes listens on. 

Not to be out done, Aidan, after securing his first job, quickly succumbs to selling drugs again but this time, rather than getting away with it, he's caught and arrested. 

He isn't able to make light of it this time though and not just because his father refuses to bail him out of trouble yet again. No, this time it's because he also has a prior conviction on his record and is being pressed with felony charges. 

Ida is also going through her own struggles but hers end and begin with having been dumped and being lonely to the point of being overbearing as she crashes with Elisabeth, the other daughter that's been MIA since the start of the season. 

One of the three storylines reach a resolution by the end of the hour as Elisabeth and Diego accept Ida with welcoming arms into their homes while Aidan seeks comfort from his father and Stella realizes the jeopardy her marriage could be facing. 

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Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I couldn't sleep last night and organizing soothes me.


I don't know what I was worried about. Wes and I were clearly in a great place.