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Lux is bummed out about Bug breaking up with her. Cate comes home from work and gives her some cash to go shopping to brighten her up a bit.

Tasha and Lux are out shopping when Tasha decides to steal a dress. While she is waiting outside she sees a family getting together their stuff before they take off in their car.

That woman ends up being Tasha’s mom and Lux tells Tasha that this could be her break to stay in town and not move.  At first, Tasha is reluctant, but then agrees to go with Lux to check out her mother’s new life.

When they get there Tasha’s mom greets Tasha warmly and they go inside. After awhile, Tasha comes running out of the house. She tells Lux that her mother wants nothing to do with her because she reminds her mom of their past.

Later that day, Baze stops by Cate’s house and Ryan makes it clear that they are a family of three without him.  Baze is upset because he is being shafted and realizes that he has to show that he is a better dad than Ryan.

The hands on a hybrid event is about to take place and Baze is the last contest that gets a spot to enter.  Baze calls the station and tells the entire listeners that he will have a showdown with Ryan on who will win.

At the event, Jaime tells Baze that he is Ryan’s kryptonite. That he should stand right next to him, bug him and eventually he will fail. Baze does just so and Ryan confronts Baze about the kiss. Cate is standing watching the whole thing thinking Baze is telling Ryan the truth about what happened between them. Baze doesn’t tell him, but does antagonize him making Ryan punch him in the face.

Cate runs after Ryan and thinks that Baze told him the truth and she lets it slip that she slept with Baze again.  Ryan breaks up with her and tells her that it’s all over. Lux runs in and asks Cate to do her one favor - to take Tasha in. Lux tells Cate that this is the only thing she will ever ask of her and Cate tells her there’s just no way she can take Tasha in.

Lux goes to Baze’s house and after a brief chat; she asks Baze if Tasha can move in with him. The next morning the social worker comes and approves of all the changes Baze has made in the past month. Although she will not grant him custody of Tasha, she does grant him 50/50 child custody of Lux.

That night, Lux packs up half her things to take over to Baze’s place. Cate walks in and asks Lux if it is because of the whole Tasha situation. Lux tells her it’s because she asked Cate for one thing and Cate couldn’t do it - but Baze could.

When Baze and Lux get back to his place, Lux breaks down because she wasn’t able to say good-bye to Tasha. Cate is at home alone drinking wine and eating rocky road ice cream.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Life gives you lemons, you make skankade.


Breakups turn us all into 14 year old girls in the 80s.