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Cate walks into her bathroom and finds Baze there. He has been sleeping over her house for the last couple weeks watching TV with Lux.

The next morning Ryan is fed up with all the Baze in the life. On their morning show, people can’t get over all the changes in their lives.

Baze and Jamie are hanging out and Baze tells him that he slept with Cate. To prove that he is not into Cate, Nate agrees to sleep with someone else.

Later at the coffee shop Baze bumps into a good-looking girl. He tries to hit on her, but fails.

The same girl from the coffee shop ends up being Cate’s corporate boss. She tells them that since all the revelations on their personal life, Cate’s popularity has dropped dramatically and the only way to save it is to bring Baze in as a temporary co-host on their talk show.

Needless to say, Ryan is thrilled.

Meanwhile, Bug asks Lux to do him a favor. The only way he will escape going to jail for stealing the car is if Jones does not testify.  Jones agrees only if he will get Bug’s motorcycle as a charge.

Bug reluctantly agrees and hands over the bike. Lux ends up taking Jones to Bug’s childhood house to shoe him what Bug had to grow up in. Even though the bike was his deadbeat fathers, its better than having nothing. Jones feels bad and tells Lux that Bug can have the bike back. He then swoops in for a kiss.

Lux is taken by surprise and tells him no – she has a boyfriend. They head back to her house where Bug is waiting for her. He thinks that something is up so he punches Jones. Lux lies to him and tells him that nothing happened.

Back at the station, Baze and Cate get enough of each other. They go head to head in every situation, and the viewers are loving it. One caller calls in and asks if anything has gone on since high school. They both hesitate and say no.

Ryan confronts Cate and she tells him that nothing ever happened - since high school - between her and Baze.

Baze and Cate’s boss head back to his place to get it on. Cate shows up and barges in on them. Baze chases after her and confronts her about her feelings. She tells him that the reason why she went over there is to tell him that she wants to see less of him in her life.

Back at home, Cate and Lux discuss their problems and both agree that honesty – as much as it hurts – is the best policy and living a life on a lie would do no one any good. Lux heads to Bug’s place and she tells him the truth. He is stunned and hurt and tells her that she deserves better – he does not want to turn out to be his father.

Cate goes to Ryan’s home and begins to tell him what happened, but lies and tells him that they only kissed.

The next morning on air Cate picks out her day to be married to Ryan – a disgruntled Baze sits and listens to the radio.

When Cate gets home, Lux is hysterical. Bug left town and by the looks of it is not coming back.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ryan: I just want less Baze in our lives - does that make me a bad guy?
Cate: That makes you like the rest of us.

I'll be right back - I can't do morning sex with morning breath.