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Cate and Ryan still have their morning show to get through and it is pretty tough on both of them.

Lux decides to go to the winter formal with Jones. She tells Baze and he is very excited that Jones is taking her.  Cate uses this opportunity to get closer to Lux and take her dress shopping.

Meanwhile, Bug comes back to be with Lux. He tells her that he has changed and she decides that it is a good idea to get back into the sack with him.  Just as they are done fooling around, Baze and Cate’s sister Abby come by to give Lux a speech about safe sex and first times.  Lux is beyond mortified.

Bugs hears the news that Lux has decided to go to the winter formal with Jones. He is beyond mad. Lux confronts Bug about their relationship. She tells him that he hasn’t changed a bit.  She storms away from him saying maybe their break-up was a good thing.

Cate decides to volunteer as a chaperone for the winter formal.  Math takes this opportunity to ask Cate out as his date. She agrees to go with him.

At the formal, Jones and Lux are dancing and having a good time. Lux realizes that not only is Cate a chaperone, but Baze shows up unexpectedly as well.  Lux decides to go outside to Jones’ car to get some air.

Both Cate and Baze show up and demand that they get out of the car. Baze confronts Jones about the condom that he found on his living room floor. Jones denies that it is his. Lux admits that it was her’s and that Bug came back into town.

Baze is beyond bewildered that his daughter is not a virgin. She tells him to  think about the fact that she was trying to move in with him. Jones decks out when he hears this news. Lux blows up on Baze in front of Cate tells her that she is not alone in the worst parenting of the year award – then runs off.

Inside the dance, Lux apologizes to Jones. He is mad, but he really doesn’t get to be because they really went as friends. Lux begs him to forgive her because he is her only friend.

Cate and Baze have a blow up about what happened the night of their winter formal. She tells him that she heard him saying he would only sleep with her if she had her mouth closed up with tape and a bag over her head. Baze doesn’t get that it is not about him anymore and right now all she wants is Lux back in her life.

Cate and Lux meet up in the locker room area and have a heart to heart. Cate tells Lux that she is sorry and really wants to work on things with her. That maybe the way she treats Baze is the way Lux treats her. They both tell each other that they miss each other.

Lux goes back to the dance and Bug is there decked out carrying a large bouquet of flowers. He tells her he will be anything she wants him to be. He just wants to be with her.

Back at his bar, Baze and Abby are talking about Cate. Somehow this lands them in bed and Lux barges in to find them. She tells Baze that Cate is waiting to speak to him outside.
Cate recreates their winter formal because she wants a fresh start. She believes if she does this then maybe Lux will give her one as well.  Baze happily agrees to and doesn’t say a word about Abby. 

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