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Cate is trying  - and failing - to make breakfast for Lux - new mom haircut and all. Cate calls Nate to come pick up their daughter and take her to school. He said yes, but he was up all night playing drinking games with his buddies. They end up taking a cab to get Lux and take her to school.

When Cate hears of this she is furious. The social worker is coming to inspect both Nate and Cate’s homes to see if they are up to code to be parents. 

At work, Cate’s boss tells her that their audience does not want to know the truth. They really like single dating Cate over the Cate that got pregnant in High School. Her boss tells her to lie on air and say it was just a joke. That she never got pregnant.  She feels as though she doesn’t have a choice and agrees to do so.

Lux ends up skipping school and heads to a run down apartment.  A guy opens the door and it is her boyfriend. Her best friend, her boy friend, and her best friend’s boyfriend all planed to move in together. None of them are happy that Lux’s real parents show up sixteen years too late – especially Lux’s best friend.

They all go back to Cate’s house  with Lux so that she can gather her things. They hear Cate publicly announce that she does not have a kid.

Back at their rundown apartment Lux’s best friend admits to stealing Cate’s engagement ring. She said she did this so Lux would leave her mother and come back to her. Their plan was to be emancipated and live together and now Lux is just abandoning her.

Meanwhile, the social worker shows up at Nate’s house. He is totally unprepared and even has a bong light sitting on his living room table. She leaves and he heads to pick Lux up from school. When he gets there he tells Lux that she should drive back home. Unwillingly, she does, and ends up hitting a potting plant in front of Cate’s house.

Cate is livid with Nate. She thinks he is trying to sabotage the whole thing so that they will loose custody of Lux. Lux tells Cate that she heard her denying her existence on the air.  Cate is speechless and Lux leaves them both.

Back at Cate’s house, Ryan shows Lux the surprise room Cate has been building for Lux. Now it is Lux’s turn to be speechless. She has never had anyone put forth so much thought and care into her.

The next day, Cate goes on the air to say that she does in fact have a daughter named Lux. And although it was never planned and her life has changed so unexpectedly, nothing could be better for her.

Nate and Cate meet with the social worker and she tells them that she would grant custody to them – but full time custody to Cate right now.  They are both really happy and Nate really wants to become the right type of father Lux needs.

Life Unexpected
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He has the mental capacity of a nine year old.


Ya know - I still can't get over that hair.