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Baze is up early to start his first day at his new job., but ends up being late because he wants to play some ball with his daughter. Emma is not happy about it.

Cate isn’t happy that Paige is still crashing on the couch. Baze stops by in the morning to take Lux to school and tells Paige she needs to pay for half of the damages since it was her fault in the first place.

Lux starts to play basketball and runs into Jones. He tries to convince her to go get pizza with them, but she declines until she hears that his teammates got the answers for the other test.

Baze calls Cate and asks her if Ryan and his co-anchor, Kelly, will host a celebrity thing for his new job and she agrees because it will be good PR for her as well.

Lux meets with Jones and tells his buddies she wants in on the answers or she will tell on them. She also gives them a bunch of cash.

Cate notices that she’s missing $300 from her wallet and demands Ryan to ask Paige. He does and tells her its only fair if Cate confronts Lux about the money; when she does, Lux gets very defensive and mad.

The next day, Lux turns in the fake test and gets caught by Math and Jones realizes that this is the reason why she agreed to meet with him.  

Paige admits to Ryan and Cate the she did steal the money after Baze tells them the truth first. Ryan kicks Paige out of their house.

Baze and Cate get called into Math’s classroom for a parent teacher conference for her cheating. Lux tells them that she’s just not use to anyone caring or wanting her to excel.

Math gets Lux to realize that maybe she does want to be exactly like her parents.

Lux tells Baze she really does want to learn how to play basketball and goes to her first tutoring session. When she walks in, Eric is her tutor.

The next day, everyone is about to play a friendly game of basketball when Cate and Ryan hand over Paige debt. They realize that it shouldn’t be on Bazes’s shoulders. Baze and Ryan have a moment.

Life Unexpected
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Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

First day at a new job, kinda trying to start sounding professional.


Cate: Even though I was only unemployed for a couple days, I kinda got used to the sleeping in.
Ryan: You know what they say, the early bird gets the worm.

Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 3 Music

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Everyday 1 Everyday Vetiver iTunes
Lets dance Let's Dance The Marys iTunes
Song Holy Moly Motocade