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Patrick continued his training, while attempting to maintain a weight above 200 lbs. Unfortunately, his eye is still blurry, but he’s refused to tell anyone. Through memorization, he is able to pass the exam.

Daniela is acting out because she is afraid for her father and his secret of pugilistic dementia.

The fight between Patrick and “El Diablo” takes place with Patrick knocking him out in the second round. Theresa does show up with strong support and the Reynolds fight is put on the table again.

Pops refuses to continue with Patrick’s journey if he jumps straight to the Reynolds fight.

Lights Out
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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Johnny: You think you haven't been fighting? This whole year all you've done is fight: Barry Word, the IRS, me, Dad, Theresa. C'mon, it's been a shit show. But the thing is, the closer you get to the ring, all this other crap is gonna fade away. Cause you're going home. It's where you belong.

Patrick: I need you in my corner.
Theresa: Well, your father will be there.
Patrick: I need you Theresa.