Lights Out Review: "Crossroads"

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Good conquered evil on “Crossroads.”

Patrick has been struggling with a variety of obstacles on his road to redemption. In his efforts to please the people around him, he’s pushed through the negativity and dissention that surround his comeback.

Light Em Up!

For one, the home front has been a landmine of issues. Daniela has been adamant about her father not fighting, which caused her to act out in general. She’s been dying to have a real adult relationship with her parents. Unfortunately, discussing the separation, the money issues, or the decision to fight has been largely avoided. It makes sense on the parents’ part, but Daniela and Ava aren’t stupid. They know what’s going on and simply want to be let in.

However, as much as Daniela desires to be a part of that adult conversation, she clearly is still a kid. The way she reacts when Margaret tries to talk illustrates her fears and emotions for her father. Knowing that Patrick has pugilistic dementia has been a heavy burden to bear, and it’s a wonder she’s held up for so long.

It’s not fair that some children are forced to grow up faster, but sometimes that’s the only road available. Life isn’t always cookie cutter.

Patrick’s determination to prepare for the fight had its own physical problems. His weight continued to decrease, and he barely made the weight class. The one eye was still blurry, but at least he could memorize the eye chart to pass.

Like all comebacks, at some point, redemption needed to raise its head.

Johnny’s had the unfortunate luck to turn most situations into bad ones. It was this episode that gave him a chance to earn back some of Patrick’s trust. He’s recognized his mistakes, understood all of Patrick’s difficulties, and apologized for the situation his brother is in.

Johnny believes in his sibling and is certainly there to back him up, so it was great to see Theresa do the same. I was glad that she showed up to the fight and even seemed to happily reunite with her husband. Hopefully it lasts, because it was nice to see her smile instead of look worried all the time.

The drama was fantastic, but it was the fight that topped off the hour. At first, Patrick continued to struggle in the ring. But then he came out with the force of that great boxer to deliver the swift blows before a final knockout. The score, combined with the intensity of the fight, made it all that much sweeter to watch.

I know it wasn’t “Death Row” Reynolds, but it was a chance for Patrick to show his skills. Finally, everything seemed to fit into place and workout. It’s just unfortunate that Pops might not be along for the ride. Poor Patrick. He can’t seem to catch a break, even when he does something right.

If this episode is indicative of the rest of the season, I can’t wait to see what’s in store. Will he jump straight to the Reynolds fight or will he hold off for some smaller matches? There’s a lot of story left for these characters. The boxing is entertaining, but I'm equally invested in the personal drama remaining.

The Champ is back!

Crossroads Review

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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Johnny: You think you haven't been fighting? This whole year all you've done is fight: Barry Word, the IRS, me, Dad, Theresa. C'mon, it's been a shit show. But the thing is, the closer you get to the ring, all this other crap is gonna fade away. Cause you're going home. It's where you belong.

Patrick: I need you in my corner.
Theresa: Well, your father will be there.
Patrick: I need you Theresa.