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On this episode of Limitless…

Brian leaves himself messages while on NZT that he shouldn’t tell Rebecca about her father and the NZT file.

Brian helps Rebecca try and track down Sam Harper, who is involved with making a bomb.

Brian gets some training from Rooks, Rebecca’s secret boyfriend.

Brian bonds with Sam’s brother, Chris, and he is forced to manipulate Chris to try and get to Sam.

During the drop, Chris tries to understand why his brother is involved with the bomb. He is winds up shot and is killed.

Brian feels responsible, and Rebecca tries to tell him he saved a lot of people.

Brian calls Mr. Sands and tries to ask him if he knows anything about Rebecca’s father. Mr. Sands tells Brian to leave it alone.

Brian chooses to tell Rebecca about the file.

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Limitless Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

To the benefits of being a bad ass.


Sometimes what’s best for the case, what’s best for the world, turns out to be very different for what’s best for the person.