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Wendy starts off telling the girls she's having problems with Shane as he's not even noticing her anymore.  Josie, meanwhile, brings Natasha Bedingfield over to Shane's studio where she offers him a position to play keyboard on his tour.  Shane comes to join Wendy and the family as they're picking out groceries for dinner and when he tells the news, Wendy more or less shoots it down and says they'll discuss later.

Shane comes home after work and they discuss the tour offer.  Wendy is concerned he'll be gone for four months and an angry Shane says she's collectively disappeared for longer than that during her career.  Taylor watches the whole fight.  The next day, Josie comes to visit Wendy to convince her to let Shane go.  Wendy makes it clear she doesn't want the advice.

Wendy the gets a phone call from Taylor's teacher saying he's having behaviorial problems.  When she and Shaen go to the meeting, they find out he beat up his best friend Finn unprovoked.  At home Wendy tries to talk to Taylor about their problems but all he wants is his father to read to him.  When Shane gets home he reads to Taylor and then sleeps alone on the couch.

The next day, Shane tells Wendy that Taylor is worried they're gonna get divorced and he said he told them they were fine.  Wendy, however, doesn't think they're fine and suggests they see a counselor.  He leaves and then tells Josie that he's going on the tour.  Dick.

We find out Nico is taking fertility injections in order to freeze her eggs in case she wants kids down the road.   At work, Griffin is giving Nico a list of candidates for the new Head of Bonfire Online Content position (note, I'm available Nico!) and she's continuing to take her injections.  Kirby comes to visit to ask for permission to use her nude pictures for the interview that she set him up with.

The next day when Nico goes to meet again with Griffin she looks very sick and thinks it's hot in there.  She tells Griffin that she has broken up with Kirby.  Uh oh.  She goes to take another injection and when she comes back she passes out!

Griffin calls 911 and goes with Nico to the hospital.  He takes her back to her place and make sure she's comfortable and even makes her tea.  He orders her in dinner and the two get to know each other on a much more personal level.  He reveals he was married before but put his job before his marriage.  The two of them seem to have much more in common than her and Kirby.  He leaves before things get too inappropriate for the two.  Good man.

Victory is having a marketing meeting at a hotel for her shoot for her new line with the Baren Brothers when she sees Joe there.  She says she wants to talk to him and Joe tells her to set up something with Ellen.  Victory returns to her meeting and finds out they want her to appear nude in the campaign!

Victory is initially against doing the nude spread, but the girls convince her to do it and use someone that will make her comfortable during the shoot, like Kirby.  At the shoot, Victory is very nervous and Kirby comforts her and gives her the courage (including the liquid kind) to do the shoot.

She finishes the shoot and with her new found confidence goes to Joe's to tell him everything, including that she would have said yes to his proposal.  She spends the night and leaves her after breakfast to take off to a prior engagement.  She asks what they are now and he just says a day older.  However, the episode ends with Victory tells the girls she plans on proposing to Joe!!  Wow!

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Wendy: Show me the upper outer quadrant of your buttock
Nico: Talk about words I never thought I'd hear you say

Nico: Promise me you'll be slightly more professional at your marketing meeting?
Victory: Why? You don't want me to bring my hello kitty lunch box?

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 11 Music

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Bravely Bravely Mieka Pauley iTunes
Perfect Perfect Reddi iTunes
Song Slippery Light Eliane