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The episode opens with Nico discussing the risks of freezing her eggs unfertilized.  Nico arrives at her office to find flowers and mistakeningly thinks they're from Kirby when he calls to thank her about the job.  At work, Griffin meets with Nico to discuss candidates for the blogger position and he admits he sent the flowers.  During the interviews, Griffin hires one of the people on the spot.  An angered Nico confronts him in the elevator but ends up kissing him. 

We then cut to Nico with Wendy waking up after her procedure, they were able to retrieve eight eggs.  Nico and Griffin confront their new hire after she broke the Bonfire cover story online.  Griffin fires her and Nico reveals she likes girl.  She'll find a new cover story.  Nico then privately talks to her and tells her she wants to be on her side.

Griffin comes to visit Nico in her office and tells her of his rule not to date co-workers.  He also tells her about his desire to take care of her.  When she tells him she doesn't need him to take care of her, he tells her to take him out to lunch.  Nico then runs into Kirby and he asks her if there's room for more flowers at her office.  He even tries inviting her on their Aspen trip as a friend.  Poor Kirby.

Wendy is busy setting up a new divider she bought to set up her home office.  While setting it up she finds printed plane tickets of Shane's that makes her think he's still considering the tour.  They agree to discuss it further at counseling.  Well more so Wendy.

At counseling we find out that Shane has agreed to do a performance with Natasha tonight in New York but says he hasn't agreed to the whole tour.  Wendy and crew go out to watch Natasha perform that night and afterwards she suggest the whole family come with him on tour.  He definitely is not happy.  Outside, Natasha invites Shane and Wendy out to a club performance.  Wendy goes home and Shane stays out.  Later that night Shane comes home wasted and knocks over the divider and passes out on the couch.

The next morning Maddie is helping Wendy repair the divider Shane knocked over.  Shane wakes up and is extremely hungover and snaps at Maddie when she's making coffee for him.  After Wendy has coffee with the girls, she decides to tell Shane he should go on tour.  They seem to work things out as they lay in bed setting ground rules for the trip.

Victory with the help from Wendy has decided how to she wants to propose to Joe.  She's going to stitch "Will You Marry Me" into a suit jacket.  Victory heads to Joe's closet to find one of his suits for her plan.  Ellen tells Victory that Joe is in China on business.  However, when Joe walks into the room she finds out she was obviously lied to.  She asks Joe for dinner on Friday night for their one year anniversary.  He seems very distracted but agrees to a quick hour long dinner.

Victory sets up a table with dinner for two at her house.  Joe is still working and Ellen presses him to at least call.  The next day, Ellen is shocked to hear that Joe never showed up at Victory's.  She sends Victory to where Joe probably is... by the fair where his first job was.

Victory arrives there to find Joe feeding seaguls.  He confesses that he's lost all his money and has to start over.  Victory doesn't care, he owns her heart.  She asks him to marry her and he says yes!

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Victory: You are going to love working from home. There's so many perks.
Wendy: Hmm?
Victory: You don't have a grumpy boss in the morning unless you haven't had your coffee
Wendy: It's a reasonable commute
Victory: Private bathroom.. Deal or no Deal is just a quick click away

Doctor: Do we have our winner?
Nico: Well.. 297 intrigued me. He's smart, healthy, talented. Too bad my eggs and I didn't meet him at a restaurant or a party instead of a Petri dish