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Victory's parents arrive in New York via a private jet that Joe chartered for them.  They are from the midwest and are simple people that would rather stay at Victory's that at the room in the Four Seasons that Joe booked for them.  When Joe meets them at the house, he struggles to find anything to talk to her dad about.  Victory and her mom discuss wedding plans and she tells her that Joe doesn't really want a traditional wedding.

Joe tells her parents about plans he made for them for a nice dinner and a helicopter ride.  Victory is concerned about Joe's spending and confronts him about it and he tells her she need never worry about it again.  Victory then goes to Wendy for advice and tells her of Joe's situation.  Joe takes her parents for a private showing in the art museum and when the topic of them having kids comes up, things get a little awkward.  

At the engagement party, Victory asks her father if he's going to give his typical long speech and he says no.  Victory goes to confront her father in the kitchen and reminds him of how his parents disapproved of his marriage to her Korean mother. He doesn't want her to marry Joe because he thinks Joe wants to isolate her from the world.   After the party Joe saves the day when he calls Victory's mom and asks her to book the wedding at her hometown Church, he wants a traditional wedding with their family involved.  Aww!

Wendy is struggling with Maddie who she has to even fight just to say goodbye to her father before he leaves on Tour.  Sal then tips Wendy off to a some movie rights about a Bonfire exclusive story that he thinks would be perfect for Wendy.  When Maddie comes home that night to a Shane-less home way past curfew she admits she was in Paul's dorm room.  Wendy grounds her and tells her he's too old for her.

At the engagement party, Griffin thanks Wendy for the invite and tries to find out more about the movie rights.  Wendy refuses to throw Sal under the bus.  When Joe overhears that Wendy is short on cash and that Griffin is about to win the movie rights, he offers to help bankroll the project.  Wendy lets it slip she knows his financial situation and tells him not to worry about it.  

Wendy then notices a very drunk Maddie sneaks into the party and she hails a cab to take her home in.  At home, a drunk upset Maddie tells Wendy it's all her fault Shane left and he isn't coming home.  Maddie then ends up puking.  When Wendy talks to Shane she doesn't tell him about what Maddie did and the mother and daughter end up patching things up a bit.

The episode opens with Nico listening to her messages when she gets one from Kirby saying Happy New Year from Aspen with a girl's voice in the background.  Griffin then comes to visit Nico with a document from the legal department acknowledging their relationship.  She's nervous to let anyone in the company to know and he tells her to rewrite it to something that makes her comfortable.

Griffin comes to visit Nico later to see if she's finished the letter yet and she still hasn't.  He then accuses her of tipping Wendy off to the movie rights to one of their stories and she's extremely insulted.   Nico, having been passed up to go to a party that her blogger got invited to, hires Dahlia to try and get her some fresh PR.  Dahlia gets her booked on the Today Show for the following day.

Nico goes to visit Wendy that night to find out who gave her the tip about the movie rights and confesses to Wendy about her relationship with Griffin.  Rather than being angry she convinces her to invite Griffin to Victory's engagement party.   Nico goes on the Today Show and the interview quickly turns to discuss her past relationship with the young Kirby.  As everyone is watching, including Kirby and Griffin, she defends her relationship and talks about how mature it was.

At the engagement party, Griffin tells Nico he's upset that she couldn't spend a few minutes to write the letter about their relationship but has no problem going on national television to discuss her relationship with her ex.  He leaves the party.  When Nico is at home, Kirby comes by that night and wants to get back together.

The Ending
Unsure of whether this is a season finale or the series finale, the producers decided to end the show with a montage of clips from the season that ended with the women all saying I Love You to each other.  We hope it was only a season finale!  Come on NBC!

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Wendy [about Maddie]: Remind me why I was so eager to hear her first words
Shane: Oh the good times will come around again darling. Soon she'll be 16 and she'll stop talking to us all together

Griffin: Look at you already back to work
Nico: Well, the holidays are over
Griffin: Mmm, they don't have to be

Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 13 Music

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The glitter The Glitter Jessie Baylin iTunes
Song Feel It Coming Sara Bareilles