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This episode of Lipstick Jungle opens with Wendy checking in with Nico to see if she wants to do lunch yet again.  Nico's fine, she just needs help picking out appropriate "my husband just died" outfits.  Now at Victory's new store location, Joe is control with the contractor, completely ignoring Victory.

Nico, trying to get some work done, is interrupted when Charle's pregnant mistresses, Megan, barges in demanding she is taken care of before Charles' estate is taken care of.  Meanwhile at Wendy's office, they're having a meeting about the John Lennon movie... and the lead, Wendy's friend Noah was a no show.

Victory is off to a cosmetic meeting but arrives at the wrong location given to her by her assistant Roy.  While at the wrong address, she runs into a cute contractor named Rodrigo.  They have some hotdogs together and she hires him.

Now we cut to Nico at home, ctrying.  Oh wait, she's just cutting onions for soup!  Guess who shows up?  None other than her hunky man-boy, Kirby.  Kirby and her make soup together, no sex. 

Meanwhile Wendy is meeting with Noah to find out why he missed the meeting.  He seems strung out.  Is he back on the coke?  Wendy is willing to push back production for him to go to rehab.  The next day at work Wendy tells the staff about her meeting and they all jump to the same conclusion, drugs.

The girls all meet at a jewelry store.  Not much happens.

Back to Victory's store.  Her new cute contractor has started and he asks her out to a midnight flea market date in front of Joe!!  He's jealous.

Later that night, Kirby takes poor Nico to a "Swap-A-Palooza," where you swap your clothing with other people at the party!!  And what's worse, some skank is eyeing her belt and ends up with it!  But at least Kirby and Nicro sneak out during the concert and get to do the nasty outside.  Very hot.

Meanwhile, Victory and Rodrigo are enjoying their own latenight adventure at the flea mearket whre they pick up some nice knobs and a lamp.  They enjoy a midnight omlette after.

The next day, Noah's wife comes to visit Wendy at work, behind Noah's back!  Turns out he's actually dying from a brain tumor; it's not drugs.  All Noah wants to do before he dies is play Lennon.  It's the only thing keeping him alive.  Now how can Wendy do this with a medical physical due?  That's easy, Wendy forges them.

Victory is hanging out with Nico at her office when she gets a call from Roy.  Apparently the idiot forgot to tell her about an appointment.  Girl problems?  Boy problems?  Apparently it's just Chris (genderless for now) problems.

Nico and Kirby meet in the park to discuss their late night adventure and for Kirby to give her back her belt.  (Nice!) Nico tells Kirby about how Charles stole her youth from her, he offers to give it back to her.  She can't handle it though.

Victory meanwhile is watching surveillance tapes to obsess over her and Rodrigo.  However, she sees Roy sleeping and "showering" in the new store!  She confronts him and finds out he's completely broke and that his boyfriend (yes, it was a boy) Chris stole all his money and moved to Fort Lauderdale.  Now Roy's been forced to live out of the store.  Victory will help him.

Now that Nico realizes Charles stole her youth, suddenly she's a lot friendlier to another girl who lost her youth to Charles, Megan.  Back at Parador, Wendy confides in Sal that she forged the documents.

Victory waits for Joe in the parking during his run (apparently he's training for a Triathalon).  When she meets up with him she tells him she wants the second floor above the store... for Roy's apartment.  Then, back at the story, Victory asks Rodrigo out to dinner.

Now the episode ends with Nico packing up the sweater Megan asks for and shipping it to her.  She also takes off her wedding ring.

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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

I can't think less of you. You've smelled like mop & glow for the last week.

Victory [to Roy]

Wendy: Sounds like someone is driving without breaks.
Victory [whispers]: Gun it.

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Song Sweet About Me Gabriella Cilmi
Song Tell Me The Peak Show
Song Like The Stars Easy Star All-Stars