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Victory wakes up from a nightmare of Joe mountain climbing in a blizzard, falling, abd breaking his neck.  She calls Joe and finds he's at a rock climbing wall training for a climb!  Victory goes to visit him there and tres to talk him out of it and finds out they're not even friends.  At home, Victory is going over designs for her new store with Roy and is hating them all  when he makes her leave to go for a Halloween party.  At the Halloween party Victory keeps thinking she sees Joe everywhere and dances with some random guy named Alex to escape "Joe."  Victory then ties to find Joe but ends up tapping some random guy on the shoulder.  Woh, what did they put in those drinks?  Victory on her way home calls Joe saying she'd make a great friend only to see Joe waiting on her footsteps.  They have a very cute bonding scene as they go over the designs for her new store.

Wendy wakes up to find Shane already left on his business trip without saying goodbye.  Wendy sits with the dad, Dennis (Edward Kerr), of Taylor's best friend at a soccer game and they discuss doing Halloween together without their significant others.  She gets a phone call from Sal and they agree to have lunch tomorrow.  Wendy plans on discussing starting her own studio with him.  Wendy and Dennis then meet to work on the kids costumes and they bond over their missing spouses and Wendy gives Dennis some relationship advice. Wendy goes to lunch and finds out Sal was offered her job.

Wendy and Dennis take their kids trick-or-treating and on the walk home Dennis reveals him and his wife are going to seperate off the advice Wendy gave.  After trick-or-treating, the kids are in the room watching a movie, and Wendy and Dennis are drinking wine.  Dennis uses some lame line about checking her pulse and he leans in for a kiss.. and she kisses back! OMG.  Wendy becomes very awkward and Dennis grabs Ben and leaves.  Wendy immediately calls Victory and then tries Nico.  The girls come over and she tells them she didn't even hate the kiss!  When Wendy sees Dennis at the soccer game the next day they say it never happened.  When the kids want to play, Wendy says she'll take them herself and give Dennis a break.  Wendy then calls Shane to tell him she misses him and to come home soon.  Wow.

Nico / Kirby
Nico and Kirby discuss plans to go on a Ski trip but it's too expensive for Kirby.  Nico offers to pay but Kirby is very uncomfortable with that.  The girls tell Nico she's going to have to let Kirby pay for the occasional thing so he feels like an equal.  At work, Griffin comes in to Nico's office asking her for help in making a buy on a magazine, Hangtime.  Nico and Kirby are doing dinner and Kirby wants to pay for this one, however, is short on cash and has to send back food to be able to cover it.  Aww, we could cry.

At work, Kirby finds out that a reality tv celebrity, Claire, is going to be there and photos of her drinking are worth a lot.  Nico and Griffin go to Lou's, the owner of Hangtime, and he's being a complete sleaze to Nico.  She's handling it extremely cool and making the guy have fun.  Griffin says it's not worth it and she can leave.  She insists on staying and does an awesome job selling him.  Kirby, meanwhile, is working at the same Halloween party Victory is at and manages to get a picture of Claire.  The next day Kirby shows up at Nico's with breakfast... it's two tickets to Aspen.  Aww, we so <3 Kirby.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Victory: You can't go on this trip, it's too dangerous
Joe: Life before caller id, that was dangerous, this is a challenge

Kirby: I love Halloween
Nico: Oh come on it's just an excuse for woman to dress up like sluts and for men to wear makeup without their masculinity questioned
Kirby: ...and there goes my Jack Sparrow costume